Thursday, February 7, 2013

Offensive MCSD NIXLE message

The McHenry County Sheriff's Department just put out this message via NIXLE (6:04PM): "The Route 31 closure, between McHenry and Crystal Lake is creating traffic congestion on other north/south roadways. If you must travel, please be patient. If you do not need to travel, please stay home."

Is anyone else offended by it?

It follows an earlier message at 3:45PM that read: "Please avoid Route 31 between Crystal Lake and McHenry until further notice, due to the hill being unpassable."

What kind of road conditions do they expect? It's winter! It's a blizzard. Deal with it!

Of course, there is traffic congestion on other roads, when a major north-side road is closed. Duhhhh...

Now, children, be patient. Now, children, stay home.

Barf. If you are out in this weather, you know to be patient. You don't need someone telling you to sit there and be still and wait for traffic to clear. Or to drive carefully. Or to be careful of the idiot in front of you with the bald tires on his rolling rust trap. Or that light pick-up with no weight over the back wheels. If you want to go out and drive around, do it. If you get in a wreck or a ditch, ponder your driving habits and knowledge of winter driving conditions, while you are waiting for the tow truck.


Justin said...

"What kind of road conditions do they expect? It's winter! It's a blizzard. Deal with it!"

Terra Cotta hill.RTE 31 Heavy snow, trucks can't assend the hill.Cars spin out.Seems reasonable to me!

Why not bitch at IDOT ( missing one i) for not getting out sooner and salt and plow. Cops don't plow snow the idiots that forge blindly ahead.

Oh brother...... said...

Seems quite reasonable to me too. I don't live far from there, hadn't been out all afternoon, and didn't realize the roads were that bad until I saw that message.

I appreciated seeing it. When the weather is this bad some people need to be reminded of basic things like patience, and not getting on the roads to begin with.

(Are there ever Nixle messages you like?)

Gus said...

Any that I like? Not many. Too bad they don't use adult language. (I don't mean "adult" language.)

Maybe something like,

"Travel at your own risk"
"Avoid unnecessary travel, if possible, during rush hour"
"Travel is restricted on northbound Ill. Route 31 between Crystal Lake and McHenry due to extremely slippery road conditions on the hill north of Half Mile Trail".

JOHN said...

Slow day Gus?

Gus said...

Sure was, John. Had to wait all day for a good laugh.