Monday, July 28, 2014

Changing Minds - one at a time

When some gun owners and concealed carry licensees see this sign, their blood pressure starts to go up, their hands shake and their lips start quivering.

Some have even talked about confronting business owners and telling them that they will refuse to shop at their businesses.

Now wait, guys; there's another way to handle it.

Instead of telling the business owner that you refuse to buy from him, that you'll boycott his store, just ask him this question:

"Why are you setting it up so that I can't buy from you?" He hasn't thought about it from that point of view.

Change your approach from "I won't buy from you" to "I can't buy from you." By posting this sign on his door, the business owner is prohibiting you from entering and spending your money, if you are carrying your concealed firearm and your license.

Let him know that you're a law-abiding citizen and you aren't going to break the law to buy from him. You might have to invite him out to the curb for that conversation or telephone him from the sidewalk.

Show him your money or your high-limit credit card. Maybe, just maybe, when he realizes that he is losing business because of that placard on his door, he might just remove it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Harrison calls for debate in sheriff race

ELECT Independent Candidate
McHenry County SHERIFF

July 27, 2014
Contact:  Jim Harrison

Let The Debates Begin!

WOODSTOCK, IL — Independent candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, Jim Harrison, is ready to take on opposition candidate Bill Prim, in a series of public debates for the benefit of McHenry County voters.

“Public debates are the best opportunity for the people of McHenry County to see and hear the candidates, side-by-side, as they discuss the issues facing the next Sheriff.  By comparing the qualifications and experience of the two candidates for Sheriff, voters can make an informed decision in November, and informed voters make better decisions,” Harrison said.

Harrison would like to see a series of debates throughout the County so more people can meet, hear, and evaluate the candidates.  Media organizations, civic groups, community organizations, and other interested parties are encouraged to host debates in their communities. 

Nearly 9,500 registered voters, from communities throughout McHenry County, signed petitions to have Harrison’s name placed on the ballot as an Independent candidate in the November 4, 2014 Sheriff’s election.  Harrison will be the first Independent candidate to appear on the ballot for McHenry County Sheriff.  

"The opposition agreed to debate me when I became a ‘certified candidate’ in the election, so now that that hurdle is behind us, let the debates begin,” Harrison said.
Post Office Box 10 Ringwood IL 60072 –
An Independent Candidate – For The People!
Paid for by “Citizens to Elect James T. ‘Jim’ Harrison Sheriff of McHenry County.”  A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wake up, McHenry County.

Everybody in McHenry County, WAKE UP. There is an election on November 4.

Are you busy finding out about candidates? Are you calling them? Writing to them? Asking them questions? Learning their positions? Going to meet-and-greets?

What about in the race for Sheriff?

Are you meeting the candidates, Jim Harrison and Bill Prim?

What questions could you ask them?

Q. What are their views on militarization of the Sheriff's Department?

Q. With the shrinking population of Federal prisoners and ICE detainees in the jail, what are their plans to control the budget?

Q. Will either commit to re-opening the triple homicide (Jack Feldkamp, Audrey Feldkamp, Doran Bloom) in McHenry County on June 7, 2011, and conducting a thorough, proper and complete investigation?

Q. Will they continue with Zinke's plan to change patrol cars to a different fuel? What was it? Hydrogen?

Q. If a deputy is involved in a crime, will they charge the deputy and arrest? Will they request (insist) on prosecution? Or will they attempt to hide it under the table with "administrative discipline" of 30 days or less, so it never gets into public record?

Q. Will each candidate reduce the number of days of discipline for a matter to go to the Merit Commission? Currently, if discipline is "more than 30 days", it is supposed to go to the Merit Commission? Currently, a deputy can get repeated discipline of 30 days and it still doesn't go to the Merit Commission? [Compare this to the Woodstock Police Department, where discipline of five days goes to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.]

Q. Will the candidate direct the new FOIA officer to respond to requests in compliance with the Illinois FOIA law? (MCSD still has not responded to my July 13th request.)

Q. Will the candidates survey employees to find out what they think about leadership in a department that thumbs its nose at a State law?

Q. Will the candidates implement the use of 360ยบ performance reviews, in order to learn about problems that employees face with supervisors?

Friday, July 25, 2014

McCarthy: Emanuel's parrot

Kudos to the Chicago Police Department for collaring the kid who allegedly fired a shot into a house, killing an 11-year-old girl in a bedroom last Friday night.

So, what did CPD Supt. McCarthy have to say about it? "But at the end of the day, you introduce a gun into a fistfight, this is what happens.”

Hello? Does he have an agenda?

The gun wasn't "introduced" into a fist fight. The fight occurred earlier. The shooting was intended retaliation. But this stupid remark is intended to inflame people against guns, rather than being focused on the real problem. A dumb gangbanger.

We should all be saddened by this senseless shooting and the death of Shamiya Adams.

If the CPD were following David Kennedy's real CeaseFire program, as described in Don't Shoot, they'd be out now, collaring the leader of the gang and putting him away for 20 years. That would start getting the message through to the rest of the shooters in Chicago!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ever sneak a peak?

Take a minute and watch this video from VW. It might just save your life.

Remember, if you aren't texting, the driver coming toward you might be.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MCSD FOIA Response grade = F

When Mrs. Jan Weech was the Freedom of Information Act officer at the McHenry County (Ill.) Sheriff's Department (MCSD), things were done right. Responses were on time and were complete.

And now that the Department has a new FOIA officer?

On Sunday, July 13, I filed a FOIA request electronically with the MCSD. I requested details about the domestic disturbance and sheriff's department response involving one of their own. I won't mention the deputy's name until I get the report, but all the deputies know who she is. And many of them believe that she should have been arrested and prosecuted, and fired, not just given a three-day suspension as "administrative" punishment.

If Mrs. Weech were still the FOIA officer, I would have received a complete response no later than yesterday. I was always appreciative of her courtesy and timeliness, and I never had to worry that she might be influenced by higher ups at the sheriff's department who might order her to delay or respond less than completely. When your husband is a sitting judge, nobody is going to ask or direct you to violate a law.

But now she's no longer there. I assume she retired.

So where is my response to my July 13th request? I'm not going to fool around with a second request. I'll just file a Request for Review directly with the Public Access Counselor of the Office of the Illinois Attorney General. Then he or she can rattle Andy's cage and shake the response loose.

Anybody else having problems with FOIA responses now?

E-Z Pass = phishing scam

Did you get an e-mail that purported to be from E-Z Pass and informed you to pay up, or else? One that contained "In arrears for driving on toll road"?

You've heard the horror stories about people who didn't pay a few $0.35 or $0.75 tolls and quickly found themselves owing $600 to the Illinois Tollway and then fearing confiscation of their license plates or vehicles?

Don't click in the e-mail. It's a scam; phishing; delivers a virus to your computer.

There is a warning on the Illinois Tollway website about this and also on the E-Z Pass website. You can Google it for more information.

Don't say you haven't been warned...

M'Lady Nissan? Any experience?

What has your experience been in dealings with Crystal Lake's M'Lady Nissan?

How were you treated?

Were you a new, inexperienced, gullible, impressionable prospective buyer? Looking back on your "deal", was it fair to you?

Does your experience match the glowing customer reports on the dealer's website or those that can be read on

Yes, there will an article about a customer's experience coming soon...

W.L. woman shot at "4-5" times

A 53-year-old woman, apparently despondent and suicidal, was shot once in the neck on Sunday afternoon in Wonder Lake. Read the article in the Northwest Herald.

Deputies and a supervising sergeant of the McHenry County (Ill.) Sheriff's Department responded. The article doesn't say how many of them fired, but two were placed on administrative leave.

Undersheriff Andy Zinke, even after 24 years of law enforcement experience and a bid for the job as top cop in the County, put his foot in his mouth by too quickly telling a reporter from the Northwest Herald that “Use of force was justified in my opinion.”

Does the Sheriff's Department still have a Public Affairs deputy, who issues press releases?

The first question in my mind is how many times did deputies fire? The reporter wrote that deputies "fired four or five rounds". Supervisors should have known within the first hour exactly how many rounds were fired. It's a simple matter of arithmetic. You count the number of bullets still in the deputies' guns that were fired. In fact, you check the weapons of all the deputies at the scene - to verify who didn't fire. And you pick up casings off the ground or floor. And then the crime scene investigators look for the bullets that were fired. All of them.

Unlike in the Feldkamp-Bloom case in June 2011, you keep looking until you find, or account for, all the bullets. In a crime scene involving three deaths, crime-scene investigators never accounted for all the bullets.

And you find the answer to the question, "If they fired 'four or five rounds', how come she was struck only once?" Is hitting the target 20% of the time an acceptable result for a patrol deputy?

Where did the other bullets go?

The firearm is "evidence". If two deputies fired, both firearms should have been secured. Remaining rounds should have been counted, and the firearm, magazine and unfired rounds bagged. Isn't that Crime Scene Investigation 101?

But for Zinke to open his mouth and immediately defend the "use of force" is inexcusable. A press release based on limited known facts should have been issued, and the rest should have waiting for the State Police to complete its investigation.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

No free lunch for MCSD

Here are some thoughts and questions that those in power at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department should have thought of and asked themselves (and others) before accepting the "free" vehicles from the Feds:

1. Are we really going to have to spend $25,000 on the MARV (Mobile Armed Rescue Vehicle) to get it operational? And will it pass emissions requirements after the $25,000 is spent? (It didn't.)
2. Will it cost $25,000 each to prepare each of the two recent acquisitions for use by MCSD?
3. Does the MARV have to be hauled on a trailer to the scene of an incident?
4. Do the two newer military assault vehicles also have to be hauled on a trailer to the scene of an incident?
5. Is the County's insurance invalid, if any of the three military assault vehicles is driven on the roads and highways in the County?
6. When the Undersheriff or Sheriff allows the MARV or the MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected) or that third military vehicle to be driven on public roads, escorted by a patrol car in front and one following, is he violating the terms of the insurance policy and exposing the County to financial risk, as well as requiring deputies to violate the law by operating such vehicle on public roads, if the vehicles are not street-legal?
7. Does it really cost MCSD $10,000/year (or more) in insurance premiums for each of the three military assault vehicles?
8. How much will it cost to contract for a flatbed hauler to come on short notice and haul the MARV or MRAP to a scene?
9. When an emergency arises and the MARV or MRAP could be used, how long will it take a driver and hauler to arrive at MCSD, load the military truck and drive to the scene?
10. Will the driver of the commercial tow truck get a police escort to the scene? He won't be a trained emergency-response driver. What if he causes or gets into a wreck enroute? Will the County be liable?
11. Will it even get there in time to be used?

Remember the motto of many law-enforcement agencies?

"To protect and serve." But they should not violate laws while doing so. Should they?

Why is the outgoing regime wasting taxpayer money at such a rate, rather than setting up the Department for a smooth, economical transition to whoever the new sheriff will be?

In the video, narrated by Sheriff Keith Nygren, you can clearly see the MARV being operated on public streets. (Then why must it be trailered to a scene?) While Nygren says the vehicle is diesel-powered, he doesn't say that the vehicle did not pass emission standards, even after $25,000 was put into it after MCSD brought it to McHenry County from an "air base out west" (costing $2,500). He says it "pretty much handles the same way your car does." If that were true, then it wouldn't require a specially-trained driver who holds a certificate to operate it.

After a pitch like that on the video, maybe Nygren will take up selling used cars after November 30.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Don't like the rules? Just change them

You know those fancy military vehicles that the McHenry County Sheriff's Department just acquired? Yes, vehicles. Plural. As in, more than one. (And that's not counting the MARV.) The MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) and that other one?

MARV certainly didn't look street-legal to me, but what cop in McHenry County was going to be brave enough to pull it over and write the deputy a ticket.

Now it becomes public information that the MRAP and the other recently-acquired military vehicle do not meet EPA standards. Their diesel engines put out too much emissions of the violation-type. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) had been transferring titles to local law-enforcement agencies, when it gave away the vehicles (or sold them at ridiculously low pricing).

The the departments acquiring them must have figured out that they couldn't operate them because of the engines. The departments must have whined to their elected offices, because Sen. John McCain and an assembly of about 25 donned their white hats and rode to the rescue, firing off a missive to the DoD. So the DoD decided to retain the titles, so that the EPA exclusion could be preserved.

No matter that the vehicles were no longer under control of the DoD. I wonder if the Federal Government is willing to take on the financial risk inherent in letting unknown persons operated and use vehicles to which it holds the titles.

Wonder what this is all about? Read this Army Times article and try to figure it out for yourself.

In the meantime, when you see these military vehicles bearing down on you, grab your gas mask and oxygen, because you are going to need it. Stay out of the way - way out of the way; the diesel engines do not meet emission standards. So much for the environment; right?

MCSD: Leist out, Wagner in

Don Leist hasn't been in the news much later, and the Northwest Herald didn't bother to report his departure a couple of weeks ago from the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Leist was the equal employment opportunity "officer" for the department; not a cop or deputy or law-enforcement "officer", he was a civilian employee.

Nygren hired him as the EEO officer after he re-wrote the job description to include a reference to the preferred skill or education as an attorney. The job itself didn't require that; in fact, the job itself wasn't even needed any longer and could have been provided by the McHenry County Government Human Resources Department.

But Nygren must have wanted his own legal beagle on staff and in-house, so he offered the job to Leist. In court a few times Don forgot that he wasn't there as an attorney and was admonished at least once by Judge Meyer to keep his mouth shut. That lasted for one court date. And, when Leist showed up at MCSD Merit Commission meetings, he acted like he was one of the good old boys and not there just as the sheriff's employee.

The handwriting was on the wall, when Zinke lost the Republican Primary earlier this year. Leist probably started looking for a new job then. If he didn't, he should have. A couple of weeks ago I received a text message that Leist had separated from the department. I presume he resigned, since candidate Bill Prim had announced that Leist's position would not be needed, if he were elected Sheriff.

Now Undersheriff Zinke has appointed Lt. Wagner to the EEO officer slot. Was Nygren's name on the order? Nygren is still Sheriff, isn't he?

Is Wagner qualified for the position of EEO officer? So far as I know, he's not a lawyer. Was the job description re-written and diminished from the "prefers legal background" condition that got Leist into the job? An EEO officer ought to have extensive human resources background. Does Wagner have that?

Was the job as EEO officer posted within the Department or advertised outside the Department? Did Zinke follow County HR guidelines in filling that position? He easily could have just moved any remaining responsibilities to the County's HR Department. Why "promote" someone to a position that Nygren knows will be abolished shortly after December 1?

What else will Zinke do between now and November 30 that will have to be unwound? And at what cost?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Now it's Harrison v. Prim

The race for Sheriff of McHenry County is on. Hopefully, voters will demand information and debates.

When I write "debates", I mean debates! Not watered-down "forums" with weak, wimpy moderators. Rule out moderators from the Northwest Herald and the League of Women Voters. Line up moderators with backbone, courage, strength and resolve.

There should be 3-4-5 real debates. No holds barred. Hard questions. When one of the candidates blows smoke, he needs to be called on it. Nailed. Immediately.

What should the public want to know? Demand clear information on each candidate's stand on

- favoritism in promotions and assignments
- cronyism
- integrity
- ethics
- changes (reductions?) in the militarization of the sheriff's department
- outlook for the jail population and income/expenses of operation
- training based on need (immediate and future)
- budget
- the current commissary rip-off and bringing MCSD into compliance with Illinois law on profiteering
- internal affairs division
- take-home cars, especially for office staff and those who don't need them
- training to reduce exposure through lawsuits like the Pavlins and Maxson
- position on arrest and prosecution of deputies to break laws

Cut through the grandstanding and the feel-good platforms that are ineffective.

Will one candidate demand such debates? What will be the response of the other candidate?

Will the Democrats slate a candidate, or is it too late for that? What are the election laws about write-in candidates? When does the door slam shut, keeping all others out of the race for Sheriff?

What else does the public want to know from the man who will replace Nygren and Zinke on December 1, 2014?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What 9,000+ signatures on petitions look like

The above photo is Jim Harrison filing his stack of petitions to qualify as a candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County in the November 4th General Election coming up.

Citizens to Elect Jim Harrison
~ Sheriff of McHenry County
Post Office Box 10
Ringwood, IL 60072
Contact:  Jim Harrison
PHONE:  815-575-4001

Independent Sheriff’s Candidate Jim Harrison
Files Record-Setting Nomination Petitions

On June 23, 2014, Independent candidate Jim Harrison filed his nomination petitions for the Office of McHenry County Sheriff.  Harrison, a former Deputy Sheriff and current employment, labor and civil rights attorney, is running his campaign “Independent” of party politics, pledging to put the “agenda of the people of McHenry County” before all other interests.  Harrison will be the first Independent candidate to be on the ballot for McHenry County Sheriff. 

More than 9,000 residents from communities throughout McHenry County signed petitions to have Jim Harrison’s name added to the ballot in the upcoming November 4, 2014 Sheriff’s election.  Harrison’s record-setting filing contained the largest amount of nomination petitions ever accumulated by a candidate for county-wide office, in McHenry County’s 177-year history.

During the 90-day collection period, Jim and Carolyn Harrison, along with dozens of their fellow McHenry County citizens, circulated nomination petitions for Harrison’s campaign.  Most significantly, supporters with different political affiliations shed their political labels and worked together side-by-side, as McHenry County residents, for a common cause.  The petition signature drive demonstrated the main point of Jim’s campaign: That people from diverse political backgrounds can work together to achieve common goals if they build upon their similarities rather than to focus on their differences.  If elected in November, Jim hopes to show that a highly-educated, well-qualified citizen can administer a government office without a political party having a hand in it.

Everyone in McHenry County has a stake in this Sheriff’s race.  The Sheriff of McHenry County serves all of the people of McHenry County, regardless of their political affiliation. 
No political party in McHenry County represents all of the people.  Political parties are just groups of people who are like-minded about one or more issues involving government.  However, when differing political parties disagree, they become opposing forces and tend to push each other away. 
As the only candidate who is independent of party politics, I will occupy the area between the political parties and I will consider all opinions concerning important issues involving the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.  My choices will always be based upon what is in the best interest of the people of McHenry County.”
Jim Harrison, Independent Candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County.
Harrison is looking forward to a vigorous campaign and intends to collect on his opponent’s promise to engage in political debate now that Harrison is a certified candidate in the Sheriff’s election.  Prior to November, Harrison will press for a series of public debates with his opponent, in different locations throughout McHenry County, so voters have opportunities to see and hear the candidates, side-by-side, as they discuss their knowledge, skills and experience to be the next Sheriff.  And on November 4, 2014, for the first time in McHenry County’s history, voters will have an Independent choice for Sheriff on the ballot.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pyle - not prime-time news

In fact, not any news, at all.

Wasn't today the day that former McHenry County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Greg Pyle was to be sentenced in Federal Court in Rockford on a charge to which he pled guilty in January?

Well, what happened in court today?

Nobody's talkin'. Not McHenry County Blog. Not the Northwest Herald. Not the Chicago Tribune. Not the Rockford Register Star.

After Pyle's guilty plea in January, his sentencing date was set for April/ Then it was re-scheduled to July 9 - that's today. Did Pyle manage to pull over another delay?

Domestic incident results in 3-day suspension

Yesterday a MCSD deputy was given a 3-day suspension. So far, public details are murky.

It seems that there was some type of domestic dispute, and MCSD was called to the scene, which may have been in Ringwood. For those of you who don't know where Ringwood is, it's north of McHenry and east of Wonder Lake, along Barnard Mill Road.

Now, when most people are involved in a domestic disturbance that results in police coming to the scene, some gets charged with a crime and arrested. Often, an emergency Order of Protection is sought and issued.

Things still operate a little bit differently within the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Hopefully, that will change on December 1st, when there will be a new sheriff in town.

An arrest after a domestic disturbance usually results in a court order to fork over firearms. That would be pretty messy, if a deputy is under a restraining order and must give up firearms. How would he (or she) work? Maybe he (or she) shouldn't.

But, when the McHenry County Sheriff's Department is involved (and I'm talking about the leadership) in decision-making, and when past personal relationships might flavor decisions, some things get handled "administratively".

Somebody tell me... how do you convert (or cover up) a crime - a violation of Illinois criminal statutes - into an internal office administrative action?

Was there an honest investigation? Was an outside agency called in? Or did MCSD investigate its own? Who was involved?

And who is the "friend" of the deputy? Does that person have any qualities that might rule him out as a friend or a person with whom the deputy should have a personal relationship, if one existed? What kind of background or police-contact history would make a person ineligible to be a close friend of a deputy?

The current regime at MCSD will be out of power on December 1st. Are the candidates for sheriff in the November 4th election willing to take a stand on such an issue and speak out?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Feldkamp probates drag on

In many probate cases, clearing an estate is almost routine. A lawyer pushes some papers from one side of his desk to the other for a few months, adds up his fees for dragging things out and then settles the administration of the probate and gets paid.

How is it different in the probate estates of Jack and Audrey Feldkamp, who were killed in their home near Marengo on June 7, 2011?

It has been a three-ring circus. The estates are on their fourth executor. The first was Scott Feldkamp, son of the elder Feldkamps. He was removed by Judge Chmiel, and Feldkamps' daughter, Jackie, was appointed as successor executor. Then she was removed and Attorney Howard Rigsby was appointed. Then Judge Chmiel removed him, at Riggs' request, stuck Attorney Carl Gilmore with the job.

Gilmore probably wishes he had been on vacation or in the hospital when that phone call came. As I recall, he was appointed in about September 2012. Although it has only been two years (almost), Carl probably feels like it has been ten.

I've got to request the Orders of May 28 and June 11. Something happened on those dates. The probates are now set to close on August 28.

I wonder whether Attorney Gilmore was ever able to determine what happened to over $50,000 in liquid assets of the Feldkamps in June 2011. Did they really vanish? Err, get spent without being accounted for? And what happened to the household furnishings that were sold? Where's that money? Why was the family home occupied by a man referred to in court records as a "squatter"? Did he live rent-free for two years, thanks to the first executor and his attorney?

Is IDOT buying the land that was occupied by Harmony Real Estate for a roundabout? That deal was on; then off; then maybe back on. Where will that money go?

The answers really are available. Is Judge Chmiel demanding them?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Can a sheriff's department lie about firing a deputy?

Is anyone else outraged by the deal that Zane Seipler was able to cut with the McHenry County Sheriff's Department to end his Federal lawsuit against MCSD and Nygren for wrongful termination?

On McHenry County Blog Cal Skinner wrote, "The agreement with McHenry County also changed the reason for Seipler’s leaving the Sheriff’s Department from termination to having resigned. The status with the Illinois Training and Standards Board is now resigned not terminated. A letter of recommendation was included.

"The release and settlement agreement may be read here.  Seipler signed on May 28th, attorney Horwitz on June 2nd, Sheriff Keith Nygren on June 9th, Tina Hill on June 12th  and county attorney James Sotos on June 16th."

What's wrong with those two paragraphs or, rather, the shady dealings behind the words?

Nygren fired Seipler. Wrongfully. How can they truthfully now say otherwise? The answer is that they aren't being truthful. When Sheriff Nygren signs a dishonest statement (agreement), what does that make him? Is it a crime for a County elected official to sign a false statement? Is it unlawful for MCSD to issue a "resigned" cause for Seipler's departure? Can a Sheriff's Department lie and, thus, sandbag a future employer?

Is this the "Gotcha"?

And what about County Board Chair Tina Hill? When she signed a false statement/agreement, was that a crime? Did the Board approve her signing the Agreement?

Who will investigate? Certainly not the Sheriff's Department. The State's Attorney? Probably not. The Illinois State Police? Not likely. The Illinois Attorney General. Not likely. The U.S. Attorney? Maybe. Eric Holder? Altogether now, laugh... 1-2-3...Laugh!

When James Sotos signed on June 16, what was his capacity? Not "county attorney". Try private, high-paid, outside counsel for Keith Nygren. And maybe Keith hired him at County taxpayer expense to represent MCSD and the MCSD employees named in Seipler's lawsuit.

I understand Zane's desire to get a clean exit from MCSD and, especially, to get out from under a change of lying in Federal Court and the levy that Judge Kapala (or was it Judge Mahoney) improperly, in my opinion, placed against Zane for lying in court. If the good judge thought Zane lied, then perjury charges should have following, not a "sanction" for a few hundred thousand dollars.

Now, with a clean resignation from MCSD and a letter of recommendation, will Zane apply for a job as a deputy sheriff with MCSD?