Friday, March 2, 2018

A. Cooper vs. Loesch

Anderson Cooper tried to sandbag Dana Loesch over Trump's gun comments this past week. I don't understand why so-called "personalities" at CNN don't publish email addresses so that viewers can comment directly to them.

He asked, more than once, whether the NRA feels "betrayed" by Trump.

I didn't feel "betrayed" by Trump. He's a guy so far up the mountain and out of touch with real people that he can't even begin to understand what's happening here on the USA portion of the planet.

I don't mind if guns get taken away from mentally-ill people. I don't want them harming themselves, others or me. They can have their day-in court (Due Process) and, if they are deemed mentally stable enough to possess guns, a court can return them. Then we can be mad at the judge who returns the guns, if the owner later goes on a rampage with the gun(s).

I think the NRA understands Trump.

Dana Loesch is one smart cookie who isn't going to get cornered by Cooper.