Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Deport Flag burners

Donald Trump tweeted that Flag burners should lose their cutizenship.

I like it.

SCOTUS was wrong to decide it's free speech.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Must-see Movie

Harry and Snowman, a documentary about a plow horse that was headed for the glue factory. Dutch immigrant Harry DeLeyer bought the horse for $80. The horse became a national champion jumper, beating very expensive and highly-trained jumpers.

This film opened in numerous theaters around the country on 1-2 day showings. Check out the movie's website for a listing of places and dates.

I missed the local showing and spotted a theater two hours away. Then I decided to get the movie on Google Play, and the choice was rent or buy. So I bought for $12.99 and watched it immediately online. Plus now I own it and I can watch it as many times as I wish.

I had read The Eighty-Dollar Champion about two years ago. What a story!

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a horse-lover among your friends and family (or yourself), grab this movie.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Do five make a crowd?

Did you see this sign in the news last week? It advertises a gun store in Avondale, Pa.

From the news you'd have thought that thousands of protesters were complaining about it. A school crossing guard was interviewed, and a child's mother expresses anti-crime sentiments.

Do you know how many people complained?

Five. That's f-i-v-e. Only five...

How do I know this? I wrote to the gun store owner in support of the sign. He replied that five people, all members of one anti-gun group, were the complainers.

And we wonder whether the media is fair?

This is what we are fighting, folks...

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Exorbitant fees, costs continue in McHenry County Court

I received the following email from a driver who was unlucky enough to encounter the exorbitant court costs and fees in McHenry County Court.

"I wanted to write to you because I came across your post about the outrageous costs, fees, and fines that McHenry County charges people for having the temerity to show at court and dare ask for court supervision. I got a $53.00 ticket for [charge redacted to protect identity of writer]. I went to court to ask for court supervision, and I was slapped with a $315.00 bill. I thought I'd be able to make payments, but I fell behind because I had a hefty car repair that I had to cover. As things stand, I think the bill has gone to collections, which means it will also be a mark on my credit rating as well. I am outraged that the state and the county are gouging people like this. I don't make much money, and I know others are just struggling to get by as well. I agree that I was guilty of talking on my cell phone while driving, but just 6 years ago I was involved in a car accident and my fines and court costs from the fender bender were about half of this! I would like to get people together and see if we could all fight this together as citizens. Any thoughts on how to go about organizing a group to address the state ripping off the citizens?"

What drivers don't know is that, as soon as they don't pay the ticket before court and then set foot in the courtroom, the "costs and fees" take over.

Traffic court judges may still explain that they only set the fine and that the court costs and fees are set by the McHenry County Board and the Great State of Illinois. I have heard judges forewarn those in court not to get mad at the women working at the ticket payment counter on the first floor. However, even at the beginning of court, those who are there do not suspect just how heavy the hammer is going to be. The judge might fine a driver only $25.00, but he knows that driver will get socked with $250 of "court costs and fees" on top of the fine.

There must be a fairer system. If a person intends to plead guilty, they probably don't have to go to court. And they should not! Pay it ahead of time.

Many drivers think they can just walk into the courtroom, plead guilty, and walk out to pay only the fine. SURPRISE. You are about the get screwed over by your government!

You already know what the happy gang of McCounty County Board members will say when you call. But call, anyway. And remember ... these is more power in numbers. If a huge organization sprang up and threatened Board members with retirement at the next election, think they might listen a little harder? 

If you are interested in fighting for a change in the system, send me your name, email address and phone number. I'll forward it to the person whose comment is quoted above.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

TWI on top of Woodstock PD story

The Woodstock Independent (TWI) is on top of the story of the week about the dismissal of a significant drug arrest in Woodstock. Check out this week's stories (that's plural) at www.thewoodstockindependent.com

Woodstock is on the short end of the stick in a Federal law suit over this arrest, and a 18-year Woodstock cop has resigned.

One must ask why the Northwest Herald is asleep at the switch.

Seventeen pounds of marijuana was found in the trunk of Philip Williams' car.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Electoral College - understand it?

Watch this short, informative video from Prager University that explains how the Electoral College works and why it is important.

It's only five minutes long, but it is a clear explanation. The Founders knew that the POTUS and the VPOTUS should not be elected direct popular vote.

Woodstock PD - Williams' case

Thanks to a tip from a reader, I looked at this case today.

How did Woodstock PD or the McHenry County State's Attorney's office botch the case again Philip M. Williams, 30, after he was arrested at the end of August and found with 17 pounds of marijuana?

Oh, does Illinois have a new law allowing recreational use of marijuana? Seventeen pounds ought to provide for a lot of fun; right?

Williams was arrested in Woodstock.

On October 20 charges were nolle prossed in McHenry County Court. Now he, through his lawyer at Donahue & Walsh, is asking for the charges to be expunged. You know what that means; right? Erased from his record. Gone. Ancient history. Not even "history". Gone. Removed from the court records.

Exactly what happened between the time of arrest and October 20. What could his attorney have claimed?

There was a motion to dump Judge Prather from the case. Gee, imagine that.

And then Judge Feeterer threw the case out. WHY?

You'd hope the Northwest Herald would do some digging. Maybe today's article explains it, but I've hit my limit of free pages and cannot read the full article. Would someone like to summarize it? What pitch was made to Judge Feeterer on October 20?

Williams wants his car and the pot back and his record wiped clean. Should that really happen?

Presumably, his vehicle was impounded by the Woodstock Police and was subject to a $500 retrieval fee. Was that paid? The only way he can get the $500 back is, thanks for wording in the Woodstock ordinance, is for him to be found Not Guilty. So there would have to be a trial. There wasn't. He wasn't found Nor Guilty. Will Woodstock hang onto the $500?

On January 4, 2017, the expungement hearing will be back in Judge Prather's court. Will her nose be out-of-joint over being replaced in the case?

If you want a copy of the court activity, better make it now. Go to www.mchenrycircuitclerk.org and search for the defendant's name. If the record is expunged, it'll be gone from the records, all of the records.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

She gets it right.

From CNN.com:

And the reaction from the right is outrage.
Julie Ponzi, senior editor of the conservative Web site American Greatness, wrote this week:
"For these outbursts you can thank 50 years of piss-poor education in American civics, the devolution of our constitutional order in the face of a Progressive onslaught against its institutions, the hyperventilating, lying, unscrupulous press (and their willing accomplices in the NeverTrump right), and a handful of other factors I am probably forgetting right now but all contributing to this result: When significant numbers of people hysterically believe the country just elected Hitler, what do you expect?"
Maybe it's time for Trump supporters to gather in tens of thousands and take to the streets. Well, maybe not, because then there would be real violence - from the Left.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hillary points finger at Comey

The media are reporting that Killary is blaming FBI Director Comey for her loss.

This proves, conclusively for me, that the single reason for Hillary's loss is Hillary herself. Or maybe, if she wants to blame someone, blame Huma Abedin.

Hillary's worthlessness is shown by her need to blame anyone, instead of just sucking it up and saying, "I lost." She lost. That's it. Game over.

Today an acquaintance tried to tell me that Hillary "should have" won because she got more votes. Yes, it looks like she got 0.3% more votes than Trump, out of about 120,000,000 votes. Well, our system doesn't work that way, even if you always thought it did or you think it should.

Then she said her vote doesn't count under our system. Of course, it counts. It counts on the State level. Plus, it's only the office of POTUS that is governed by the Electoral College.

"Well, I believe ..."

"Believing" the system works one way, when it actually doesn't, is a popular ploy for the liberals; at leat, among most that I know.

Now, what's going on with the riots tonight?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post-election riots

Where is the so-called fearless leader, the POTUS? Is he rubbing his hands in glee at the actions of the violent protesters? Is he on the phone with Hillary and happily chatting, "I told you this was going to happen"?

How many multi-millions of dollars of public monies did Michelle and Barack waste, racing around the country rallying the vote for Hillary?

Why isn't Obama on the liberal media requesting - no, demanding - that the protesters dial it back and remain civil and law-abiding in their protests? Why isn't he immediately threatening to send in the troops to assist local law enforcement in quelling the riots?

Because he is, at heart, a community organizer, not a leader.

Is he licking his wounds over having to eat crow over Hillary's losing the election?

Is he honestly committed to a smooth transition to the Trump presidency?

Seattle's mayor Ed Murray has already stated his commitment to the sanctuary claim of "his" city. Well, I wonder how he will like seeing Federal funds cut off? And how will he deal with his residents when they rise up against the City after they see their own taxes skyrocketing to replace lost Federal funds? Murray is a jerk.

If law-enforcement can't contain the post-election riots, will citizen militias spring up to protect life, health and property?

Why do I think that, had Clinton won, we Trump supporters would not be engaging in violent protest?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stupidity of some election laws

What's with all the stupid election laws?

You can't express your First Amendment rights and wear a shirt to the polling place, if the words "Basket of Deplorables" on it?

And you can't photograph your own ballot?

I'm generally a peaceful person, but somebody ought to line up the idiots who are making these laws and give them 50 lashes.

I'd donate to a GoFundMe account for Brett Mauthe of Bulverde, Texas. The wimp who is the Comal County election's coordinator may be the one who accused Mauthe of electioneering by wearing his shirt. Bulverde PD Chief Gary Haecker chickened out when asked for arrest details, deferring to the election's czar. Chief Haecker was absolutely wrong to flinch like that. He, as the PD chief, is the one with the arrest information!!!

The P.D. would have arrested Mauthe on someone's complaint (the election's czar?), and that person will have to appear in court and testify against Mauthe. A good defense attorney will beat that prosecution witness to a pulp with the First Amendment, but voting day will have passed.

Mauthe was willing to remove his Trump cap but not his shirt.

Today is the Day

Today is Election Day. This may be the most important election day of our lifetimes.

I bought this button in Richmond, Va., in about 1995 and, unfortunately, misplaced it sometime after wearing it here in Columbia, S.C. about two years ago. I must say that it didn't get the same laugh (or respect) in South Carolina that it had gotten in Illinois.

I voted Absentee this year because I expected to be out-of-state today. I returned early and called the Election Office to ask if I should (or could) return my absentee ballot and vote in person.

Let's just hope I got the right advice over the phone, when a clerk told me that I "had" to vote absentee, since I had ordered a ballot. So I mailed my ballot at the downtown Post Office and crossed my fingers.

No matter which presidential candidate wins today, the caterwauling will start tonight.

I fear greatly for this country. I fear that the rabble and the sheep will blindly follow others off the cliff and vote foe Clinton. She will be a disaster as POTUS. The truth will come out about her emails, the Clinton Foundation donors, the Lolita Express, her Supreme Court nominations, her Muslim buddy Huma, and her health, Too many will vote for her, so that the U.S. will have its first female president. That is NO reason to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Call me a sexist, if you want to. But I would vote for a woman, if she were the best candidate. Just not that woman.

I don't like the way Trump talks about many things, but I like what he says he is for. Secure borders. Strong military. Bring jobs back to the USA. The Second Amendment. He did not build his business successes by being a pushover.

If you haven't voted yet, vote for Donald Trump.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Reading Ann Coulter's book, Treason: Liberal Treachery ...

Yesterday I came across Ann Coulter's book, Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terror. After starting it, I looked at the publication date and found it was 2003. I had checked it out as a e-book from my library and almost put it aside.

The I came to names like Alger Hiss, Whitaker Chambers, Dean Acheson, William Remington, J. Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy (1908-1957).  And that "In 1995, it (the Hiss case) was no longer uncertain. That was the year the Venona Project was unveiled, revealing Soviet cables that established that Hiss was a Soviet agent ..."

Coulter blasts the Democrats for protecting accused spies. She further wrote, "It is a fact that hundreds of agents of this blood-soaked ideology (Communism) became top advisors to Democratic presidents, worked on the Manhattan Project, infiltrated every segment of the United States government."

Is this what is happening today? Replace Communism with Muslim. How many top positions have been filled by Obama with people with Muslim leanings?

Do we need a "Joe McCarthy" today? Is there any chance that there might already be one in the current Congress?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Whom will Obama pardon?

Whom will Obama pardon on his way out the door on January 19th?

1. Rod Blagojevich. (when I was in Denver last month, I intended to go by the Englewood Federal Correctional Facility and take a selfie with it in the background.)

2. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea for all crimes, known and unknown, whether indicted, charged, found guilty - ever.

3. Harry Reid. Can a POTUS pardon someone for just being stupid?

4. Anthony Weiner

5. Loretta Lynch

6. Eric Holder

7. Lois Lerner, that idiot who was in charge of the IRS' charitable division (not that there is anything charitable about the IRS...)

Who else will be on Obama's list?

One really stupid woman!

This student was an organizer of the "Million Student March".

Watch and listen to this interview with Neil Cavuto. He interviews Keely Mullen. She is really stupid. Ignorant. She has no clue what LIFE is really all about.

Keely Mullen has learned her bullet points well, but they don't make any sense.

And it's Keely and her gang who will try to elect the next POTUS.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dark Art of Political Intimidation

You're free to say what you want. Right?

You have your First Amendment rights, don't you?

Watch this important video, and you might have second thoughts. Think about some of the police officers who are expressing their personal opinions of groups like Black Lives Matter. Think about some of the bloggers you know and the nameless cowards who are so often flaming them (without accepting responsibility for their words).

Even think about Donald Trump's "locker room" talk.

Watch this short talk by Kimberley Strassel, political affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal. You might even want to read her book, The Intimidation Game - How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech.

Cubs win Series, but ...

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs.

But now the question must be, Why would the celebration parade be held on a Friday or Monday (or on other regular work day)?

Why not have it on Saturday or Sunday and avoid disrupting commerce?

The Cubs are a business, a sports team. Why should business and the rest of the public suffer a huge inconvenience and economic loss, while a business enterprise celebrates a sports win?


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Comey letter to lawmakers

Has anyone heard who leaked FBI Director Comey's letter to the press?

Presumably, Comey wrote to Congressional leaders of two committees. I seriously doubt that he sent a copy to the press. So who leaked it?

Did a member of one of the two Congressional committees leak it? Did someone in the FBI office leak it? Did Loretta Lynch or one of her gang leak it?

Who is no one asking this question?

Isn't it hilarious to watch Hillary's camp swerve and deflect the issue? Reminds me of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Remember when someone said, "We are here to protect and serve, not to deflect and swerve."

Hillary's supporters will vote for her, no matter what. Many of them do not care about honesty, truthfulness, the Constitution, this country. It's "gimme, gimme, gimme." Hillary promises them the world, and they aren't wondering who will sign the checks.

I watched MOMS Demand Action last Thursday night at a South Carolina Senate special hearing on gun issues. They are stupid; just plain stupid.

Hillary knows full well that Comey will not release details of an ongoing investigation. So it's easy for her to cry out - now - for full release. Wait until the pressure of Nov. 8 is gone. Then she'll be trying to get Comey's neck in a noose.

And that idiot who was screaming Hatch Act violation? What a jerk!