Saturday, July 30, 2016

WTH? - "USNS Harvey Milk"

What the hell is going on in Washington, D.C.? Well, we do know, don't we?

This headline in the Chicago Tribune and, I'm sure, in many other places...

"Navy ship to be named for assassinated gay rights leader Harvey Milk"

Just imagine all the emails that will be heading home. "Hey, Mom, I just got assigned to a new Navy ship named after a queer."

Who do you suppose is responsible for naming multi-million expenditures of taxpayer dollars?

How did Harvey Milk's name get to the top of the list of names for new ships?

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, appointed by Obama in 2009, may be on the way out. Did he tell Congress in March that he'll leave his post in 2017. Couldn't he find any Navy heroes to name that ship after? Did he get ordered to name that ship after Milk?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Be ready - before the next attack

A friend in Colorado sent the following to me by email. If anyone knows the source, I'll be happy to attribute it.

Who is Juval Aviv? A 69-year-old expert. Read this:

Who is Juval Aviv?  You may have read about Juval Aviv. He was Golda Meir's bodyguard and the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ' Munich ' was based.  Golda Meir appointed him to trackdown and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.
In various venues, Aviv has shared information that EVERY American needs to know, but that our government has not yet shared with us.
A little background: Congress has hired Aviv as a security consultant.  Aviv predicts that there will be more terrorist attacks on the U.S. He says terrorists will NEVER try hijacking a plane again as they know the people on board will never go down quietly again. Aviv says that our airport security is a joke 'that we have been reactionary' rather than proactive in developing strategies that are truly effective.
Example 1: Because an idiot tried to light his shoe on fire, now everyone has to take off their shoes.
Example 2: A group of idiots tried to bring aboard liquid explosives, and now we can't bring liquids on board.
Example 3: Our airport security looks for metal, but the new explosives are made of plastic.

Currently, our airports only focuses on security when people are heading to the gates. Aviv says that if a terrorist attack targets airports in the future, they will target busy times on the front end of the airport when/where people are checking in.  For example, it would be easy for someone to take two suitcases of explosives, walk up to a busy check-in line, ask a person next to them to watch their bags for a minute while they run to the restroom, and then detonate the bags BEFORE security even gets involved. In Israel, security checks bags BEFORE people can even ENTER the airport.

Aviv says the next terrorist attack here in America is imminent and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places where large groups of people congregate, such as Disneyland, Las Vegas casinos, shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, etc., as well as in rural America this time (Wyoming, Montana, etc.) in order to create mass panic. The attack will be characterized by simultaneous detonations around the country involving at least 5-8 cities, including rural areas.

Aviv says terrorists won't need to use suicide bombers in many of the larger cities, because at places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, they can simply valet park a car loaded with explosives and walk away.

Aviv says all of the above is well known in intelligence circles, but that our U.S. government does not want to 'alarm American citizens' with the facts. The world, however, is soon going to become 'a different place', Aviv says, where issues like 'global warming' and political correctness will have become totally irrelevant.
On an encouraging note, Aviv says that Americans don't have to be concerned about being nuked. He says the terrorists who want to destroy America will not use sophisticated weapons. Instead, they like to use suicide, as it's cheap, it's easy, and it's effective and they have an infinite abundance of young, ignorant, fanatic militants more than willing to 'go see Allah'.

Aviv also says the next level of terrorists over which America should be most concerned will not be coming from abroad.  They will instead be 'home grown' meaning they will have attended and been educated in our own schools and universities right here in the U.S. These young terrorists will be most dangerous because they will know our language and will fully understand the habits of Americans; but that we Americans won't know or understand a thing about them.

So, what can America do to protect itself?  From an intelligence perspective, Aviv says the U.S. needs to stop relying on satellites and technology for its intelligence. Instead, we need to follow Israel 's, Ireland 's and England 's hands-on examples of human intelligence, both from an infiltration perspective as well as to trust 'aware' citizens to help. We need to engage and educate ourselves as citizens; however, our U.S.  Government continues to treat us, its citizens, 'like babies'.  Our government thinks we can't handle the truth' and are concerned that we'll panic if we understand the realities of terrorism. Aviv says this is a deadly mistake.

Aviv created/executed a security test for Congress by placing an empty briefcase in five well-traveled spots in five major cities. The results?  Not one person called 911 or sought a policeman to check it out. 

In comparison, Aviv says that citizens of Israel are so well 'trained' that an unattended bag or package would be reported in seconds by citizen(s) who know to publicly shout, 'Unattended Bag!' The area would be quickly & calmly cleared by the citizens themselves.  But, unfortunately, America hasn't been 'hurt enough' yet by terrorism for their government to fully understand the need to educate its citizens or for the government to understand that it's the citizens who are, inevitably, the best first-line of defense against terrorism.

Aviv also was concerned about the high number of children who were in preschool and kindergarten after 9/11, children who were basically 'lost' without parents being able to pick them up, and schools that had no plan in place to best care for the students until their parents could get there. He stresses the importance of having a plan that's agreed upon within your family, to respond to in the event of a terrorist emergency.  He urges parents to contact their children's schools and demand that the schools, too, develop plans of actions, as they do in Israel. He says we should all have a plan that is easy enough for even our youngest children to remember and follow.

Does your family know what to do if you can't contact one another by phone?  Where would you gather in an emergency?

Aviv says that the U.S. government has in force a plan that, in the event of another terrorist attack, will immediately cut-off everyone’s ability to use cell phones, as this is the preferred communication source used by terrorists and is often the way that their bombs are detonated. How will you communicate with your loved ones in the event you cannot use phones or the Internet?

Bottom line, you need to have a plan! In the event that a major terrorist incident happens again, and you fail to have a plan, this particular email will haunt you.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jon Stewart - so wrong

I read about Jon Stewart's rant on the Stephen Colbert Show, where he said that Trump backers don't own the USA.

I remember Jon from ABC's The View in 1999. I was there for what turned out to be my five minutes of TV fame, and he and sat in the Green Room before the show began.

ABC staffers were fawning over him. I had no clue who he was and didn't care. He didn't even seem to notice me and didn't care. I didn't care that he didn't. I'm glad he didn't say "Hi, I'm Jon Stewart", because then I didn't have to fake acting like I knew who he was.

He got the bulk of the show time, and I got my five minutes at the end. That wait was worth it. Before the Executive Producer called me, after Jon Hilkevitch had written about my traffic crusade in a Monday column in the Chicago Tribune, I had never heard of The View. When the EP asked me to promise I wouldn't be on any other national TV show before the next week's show, I promised.  Then I had to hurry and find out what "The View" was.

It's about time to look at the old VCR tape of that show again. And to get it copied onto a DVD.

But back to Jon. We Trump backers know that America doesn't "belong" only to us. It belongs to all of us.

Jon, you were wrong when you said, "There is no real America." And, Jon, there is America. Why don't you just leave? In fact, when those other Democrats say they are leaving the U.S. after Trump wins, go with them. Of course, they are lying, but it gets them lines in the press now.

Friday, July 22, 2016

To protect and serve

When I saw this photo from the Facebook page for Support Police Officers, I added my comment, "How long have they been married?"

But wait... maybe she's proposing...

WTH did this trip cost us?

Scripps-Howard News Service reported on Obama's entourage to London for the G-20 summit.

What do you think it cost us for him to be there? And what the hell does he know about economics that the .U.S. could not have been represented at much lower cost by somebody who actually knew what was being discussed?

What did Obama take with him?

A staff of 500 (that's FIVE HUNDRED!!!), including
200 Secret Service agents
6 doctors
White House chef and kitchen staff
4 speechwriters


35 (THIRTY-FIVE!!!) vehicles, including numerous "decoy" vehicles
Marine One helicopter
12 teleprompters

Not mentioned was the number of aircraft required to ferry Obama and Gang (and equipment) there and back.

How many hundreds of millions of dollars did it cost us for Obama to attend that 3-day meeting? I, for one, wonder just how many hours he actually spent in productive meetings.

Absurd! Totally absurd!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz = Loser

U. S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is a loser. And a poor loser. I referred to him a while back as a little boy trying to act like a man. I should have written "child", not little boy.

Cruz must actually be a Democrat, since he is doing everything he can to hand the November election to Hillary Clinton.

The good people of Texas should kick him out of office at the next election cycle and hand him a shovel and then send him out to the manure pits.

To realize that this idiot is one of two Senators from Texas makes me sick. And when I think of the retirement benefits he'll get, even after just one term in the Senate, I get really sick.

Send that sad, pouting jerk packing back to Canada.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Don Lemon tries to muzzle Sheriff Clarke

Check this out, if you missed Don Lemon's interview with Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County last night.

Lemon wanted a "civil" conversation and did not want to hear what Sheriff Clarke was telling him about the cause of the police officer killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Sheriff Clarke said he predicted this (police shootings) two years ago.

Lemon muffed his first word in the sentence " ... spoke to heads of the sheriff's department, police and state police..." Lemon skipped the subject of the sentence, apparently hoping listeners would fill in the blank with "I".

When Sheriff Clarke wanted to know if he (Lemon) spoke to the heads of the departments, he said, "That's what they said to me." Clarke was in disbelief over Lemon's claims that the law enforcement told him their message was one of peace.

Sheriff Clarke made it clear that he blamed the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings of police on "this anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matters."

Don Lemon did not want to hear that at all and cut off Sheriff Clarke by going to a break.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Buy life insurance on your kids

Have you been reading the articles about the "crackdown" on student loans left by children who have died? If you co-signed on the loan, guess what? You are on the hook. And you should be.

Why should the public be on the hook for the education of a student (or former student) who dies? The money was borrowed, usually with the intention of re-paying it. (Whether or not to borrow $50,-100,000 (or more) for a college education is a question for another day.)

More and more stories are appearing in the media. And some parents are learning that, since they co-signed for the loans, they are liable for the remaining balance.

And why not?

Remember the rule that the big print gives it to you, and the little print takes it away?

Before you sign any papers for a student loan (or any other loan, such as for a car or home or even a credit card), sit your kid down and ask, "How do you plan to re-pay this loan?"

"And what happens to the loan balance if you die or become disabled?"

Here's the answer you'll get. "I dunno." Well, don't co-sign until she or he "knows".

Buy life insurance on your kid. Often, parents say, "I don't need life insurance on my kid." Ask some of the parents who are crying now over a $100,000 student loan that they are being asked to pay. Keep n mind that there might be a balance on that loan for many years.

One question is when to buy the insurance. Another is, what kind of insurance should be purchased? And how much?

If your kid is 22 and in good health, you (he or she) can buy a lot of term insurance for practically nothing. The reason the premium is so low is that the insurance believes the risk is low.

Term insurance might be the right, but temporary, solution. Dave Ramsey will tell you to buy only term insurance. Well, he's wrong. Talk to a life insurance professional. Talk to an agent of a first-class mutual life insurance company (ex., Northwestern Mutual Life).

The best long-term life insurance will be Whole Life. Yes, it costs more in the beginning. The only poster I kept from 18 years in the life insurance business reads, "In the beginning there is price. In the end, there is cost." This is true, whether you are buying life insurance, cars, homes, clothing, etc.

Sometimes a good solution is a combination of Whole Life and Term. A good agent will guide you well. Don't necessarily rely on your good, ol' buddy who has been selling you your car insurance for years. There is every possibility that he doesn't have a clue about proper life insurance planning.

Insurability of your kid may be a factor, due to health or other risks. Maybe he just graduated from Annapolis and is practicing take-offs and landings on an aircraft carrier? His premium will be a lot higher than Standard. In fact, he might not even be able to buy private life insurance at all. But, if you had purchased a policy for him while he was in grade school, middle or high school, he'd had the policy and, quite likely, the right to purchase additional insurance at standard rates at certain times in the future.

As with all risk, if you can assume the risk yourself, don't insure against it. But then you might ask yourself, why do I carry car insurancc? Or homeowner's insurance? Or a tenant's policy on my possessions in my apartment or rental house? Or health insurance? (Well, Obama took care of that question for you!)

Will you be co-signing a student loan in the future? Think about acting now to reduce your risk.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Turkey vs. the U.S.

First of all, what do you notice about the uprising and violence in Turkey?

No one has his face covered!

Compare that with the terrorists of ISIS and the protestors in the U.S., including Anonymous. The people of Turkey, shown in the news as resisting the coup by the Army, are right out there.

What if we had a military coup in the U.S.A.? How would you know which to side with? And all of you (us) with our little handguns and rifles, even AR-15s and AK-47s (those "assault" rifles that the anti-gunners are so worried about)? What chance would we have against overwhelming power of the military and, now, even the local police and sheriffs' department, who have gone "military" on us? How would we combat drones and robots, if "our" police departments decided to use them against us?

Watch the President of Turkey speak. Compare him to what we have now in the White House.

Kind of makes you sick, doesn't it?

Friday, July 15, 2016

The idiot lowers the US Flag Again!

I am as sorry as anyone about the killings of innocent people celebrating Bastille Day in Paris, but I object to lowering the Flag of the United States of America in their memory.

I realize no one can knock any sense into Barack Obama's head. I don't think he has ever cared what people think of him and, as a lame-duck president, he won't care know.

Why should we let a terrorist's action result in the lowering of our national Flag?

I say, fly it HIGH at all times and let terrorists, foreign and domestic, know that Nothing will cause us to lower our flag.

Remember Barack and Hillary are right out of the same mold. Just one more reason to elect Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

And communicate to him that you want the U.S. Flag flown ALWAYS at the top of the flagpole.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pastafarians - unite!

OK, folks. Grab your noodle strainers (colanders) and head over to the DMV for your new driver's license photo.

After all, if Arlington Heights' student Rachel Hoover, age 21, can get her D/L with a colander on her bean, why can't you? This is what our country is raising today, thanks to all your hard-earning dollars pouring into education.

It's a religious thing, don't you know? The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I'm not sure you want to make your checks out to CFSM and try to claim a tax deduction yet.

Check out Eric Zorn's article in the Chicago Tribune.

Another Obamacare failure

Hopefully, you don't have your health insurance through Land of Lincoln Health, one of the many health insurance companies that went into business under Obamacare.

The State of Illinois is shutting Land of Lincoln down, because it appears to be financially unable to stay in business.

49,000 policyholders will find their policies canceled, and they must arrange their health insurance elsewhere.

As a former insurance agent, I knew that there was no way that Obamacare could succeed. You can't force insurance companies to insure everyone, regardless of health and without regard to pre-existing conditions, at affordable premiums. It can't work.

Read why Land of Lincoln was required to pay $31,800,000 to other insurance companies. Keep in mind that it was a new company.

Land of Lincoln lost $90,000,000 last year.

Read in this enlightening statement in the Chicago Tribune article: "Then they (the co-ops like Land of Lincoln) were blindsided last year when federal money they counted on to offset their losses didn't come through." Land of Lincoln has sued the Feds for $70,000,000 under one Federal program.

But it's too late.

In December of last year one South Carolina Obamacare company with 39,000 policyholders shut down. Policyholders had had about 90 days to replace their policies. How many other Obamacare companies are already out of business or heading down the drain.

Remember that huge bill in Congress and Nancy Pelosi's infamous comment that Congressmen to approve the bill in order to find out what was in it? And Californians keep electing Pelosi. Idiots!


Big Boy Toy?

Should every man have a big boy toy?

Lately, I've been thinking about buying an AR-15. Why? Just because, one of the days, "those" guys in Washington might decide I can't buy one.

I am sick and tired of people saying that "those" guns are just for killing people. No, they aren't "just" for killing people. And, yes, they can be used for that.

Do I get a "basic" model, say, for about $700?

Or do I trick it out, and maybe spend $1,000? Or more?

Then logic steps in. Just exactly when and where and how might I use it, if I had to? And here is the problem for most of us.

As with any firearm, we must think about what is behind our target?

Let's say the bad guy is breaking into our home. We hear the glass break. As a cop in Iowa told me in 1963, "If someone breaks your window at 3:00AM and you shoot him, just be sure to drag him into the house through the window."

Today you'd probably get charged with tampering with evidence...

But what if you miss him and your shot flies across the yard and hits the neighbor's house? Or someone in the house? Not good.

Or what if the intruder is already in your home, when you shoot?

If you miss him (or her), will the bullet go through a door or wall and hit a family member?

Of course, I'm not writing only about a round from an AR-15, but a round from any firearm. What will you have handy? A .45? .40? 9mm? .380? Do you know the punching power of your ammo?

Think about it. And find out about it. Try the ol' "cantaloupe-at-10-yards" trick.

And make, and practice, a Family Safety Plan. Others in your home need to know what to expect, if you are going to challenge an intruder. There are plenty of knowledgeable people around to coach you on a good Plan. And there are even more know-it-alls who will toss in their 2¢ worth. You be the judge if their "advice" is worth the price; it might not be.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ginsburg, now ready for retirement

The old biddy has just moved herself out of any U.S. Supreme Court case that might involve Donald Trump.

Can you believe her mouth?

Eighty-three years old and doesn't yet know when to keep her mouth shut.

Don't miss this article. in which she labels Trump as a "faker". While she is free to say what she thinks, she might not be as "free" as most people. When $10,000,000 at hand, maybe Donald Trump ought to sue Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

So if Trump could hurry up and get a case involving his tax returns up to the SCOTUS, would a decision be 4-3 in his favor?

It's time for the old battle ax to go out to pasture.

No More Criminals

I'm sure you will be much relieved that the United States will no longer have any criminals. That's right.

Thanks to Obama's Department of Justice, headed up by U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, convicted criminals will now be referred to as "justice-involved individuals".

Can you believe this crap?

Check out Breitbart's article on April 27, 2016.

I'm all in favor of rehabilitating criminals. But they are still criminals, or former criminals. So, get over it. And many of them are not going to be rehabilitated, no matter how much coddling and hand-holding is provided to them. That wonderful sense of entitlement is now in the DNA of too many.

"Convicts who turned to a life of crime early on are 'the future',” says Lynch.

Between that and Obama's praise for BLM and Louis Farrahkan and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the rest of us had better be figuring out how WE are going to be safe in the future.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Doesn't Bernie have a job?

Bernie Sanders - you know the name right? Doesn't he have a job?

He took a lot of time away from the office to run against Hillary. For some time now, it has been quite clear that he is not going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party for President.

Is he still getting paid as a U.S. Senator? Is he pulling down $174,000 plus perks, while he continues to travel around the country?

Does anyone else think he ought to be back at work or forfeiting his pay? Or even that he should resign?

But wait ... maybe this country is better off to fork over $174,000/year and have him away from the Senate, because he and his socialism might have less impact on this country.

I recently looked up Socialism and found an interesting article that explained why so many in the U.S.A. think Socialism wouldn't be too bad for us. That's because they do not understand what Socialism is! Their definition is what it isn't.

Two Michigan court bailiffs dead

It could have happened right in Woodstock at the McHenry County Courthouse.

According to news reports, two court bailiffs were killed today, when a defendant on his way to jail got hold of one bailiff's gun.

How many times did I write on The Woodstock Advocate after observing careless mannerisms and postures of McHenry County's court officers (who don't want to be called "bailiffs")? During many of the times I was in courtrooms to observe hearings, I was concerned at the inattention by some court officers, especially as defendants were brought through the secure door from the jail or returned.

Many of the bailiffs in McHenry County are not physically fit and wouldn't stand a chance of overpowering an unruly defendant. The Sheriff's Department, at least in the past, was an equal opportunity employer. If you were a friend of the Sheriff, you had an equal chance of gettng hired, even when you shouldn't have had. Good ol' Keith had lots of friends there.

In at least one case a deputy was removed from credentialed deputy status and immediately transferred to unsworn court duty. It wasn't long after that that he was alleged to have challenged a man at gunpoint near Ridgefield and may even forgotten that he no longer was a deputy and may have identified himself as one or as "Police!"

Back to the courtroom. When I was an reserve deputy in Colorado, all law enforcement personnel locked their weapons up before entering the courtroom. Not so in McHenry County. Cops from all over the territory carry their guns into the courtroom.

In the Michigan case, the convicted man was able to get a bailiff's gun. He killed two and injured other persons, before police killed him.

To keep visitors to McHenry County courts safe, there should be constant observation and review of personnel. And, when inattention or other factors are observed, court officers should be removed, retrained or terminated. Period.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Castile - 52 stops. $6,588 fines, fees

How many times have cops pulled you over? In the last year. Five years. Since you began driving.

CBS News in Minneapolis is reporting that Philando Castile was stopped 52 times "in recent years" and cited for 86 violations, More than one-half of the violations were dismissed (not uncommon, when there are multiple charges, as will anyone familiar with traffic courts), but his fines and fees totaled $6,588.

Remember how Diamond Reynolds said he never did anything wrong?

Those jerkwater protestors really anger me. The cops should have arrested absolutely every one of them on the highway.

The Constitution guarantees the right to assembly peaceably. Does shutting down an interstate highway constitute peaceable assembly? No!

Does shutting down streets, sidewalks, buildings constitute peaceable assembly? No.

I remember the ticket in Woodstock in 2007 for a headlight that had been burned out for 15 minutes. (I said "the" ticket, rather than "a" ticket because, until then, I hadn't had a traffic ticket in 50 years.) The cop was going to give me a warning, until Cop #2 showed up and reminded him that the rule at Woodstock PD was "if Philpott gets stopped, he gets a ticket; no warnings."

While I wasn't targeted for that stop (the headlight was out on that frigid Monday night), I got a ticket, instead of a Warning, because of hatred of the Woodstock PD toward me.

Then two years later I slipped up and failed to signal a right turn before reaching the corner. Who roared up behind me like he was after a bank robber? Cop #2. The same cop who caused me to get a ticket in 2007, instead of a warning.

Well, that was the price of having a big mouth in Woodstock. Cop #2 will probably end up Chief somewhere, someday.

Obama declares Dallas killer "demented"

Now Barack Obama is an expert on mental health....

In a press conference on Saturday, Obama referred to the Dallas killer as being "demented". How does he know that?

I'm reminded of the female McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputy who answered a call for service that involved a mother-daughter dispute. When the daughter tried to explain her position to the deputy, the deputy reportedly said, "You must be crazy to argue with me. I'm a deputy sheriff" or something like that.

And then the deputy transported the daughter for a mental-health evaluation. The daughter wasn't "crazy". I think the daughter sued the sheriff's department, but I never heard the result of the suit.

Was the Dallas killer crazy? Did he have a mental health problem? Or was he just mad? Angry? Fed up?

Does being mad, fed up, make a person "crazy"? This is what the anti-gunners will be saying. Watch Obama and Hillary as they come for your guns, folks.

Obama alluded to that in his Warsaw press conference yesterday. He is going to make Dallas killings a gun-control issue. The words are right there in his speech.

Obama said, "I am going to keep on talking about the fact that we cannot eliminate all racial tension overnight, but we can make it harder..." for people to carry out their anger with weapons. Fox News added the completion of the sentence.

Obama slams murdering Dallas P.D.

In a speech from Warsaw Obama slammed the Dallas Police Department.

In his halting manner, he read what his speechwriters put together. Can't he even speak contemporaneously and from the heart? Well, we know the answer to that one.

Listen to it yourself:

He frames a left-handed compliment at the Dallas PD and finishes his sentence about the efforts of the Dallas PD  and how those efforts have "brought down their murder rates but also drastically reduced complaints about police misconduct."

Obama accuses the Dallas PD or murders!!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy grills FBI's Comey

Watch South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy direct a barrage of very direct, yes-or-no questions about Clinton and her email server to FBI Director Comey. Stick with the video, which has a Fox News intro:

A reader sent this comment by direct mail.

"Gus, just FYI, if I am correct, FBI Director Comey has an appointed position for 10 years from 2013 when he was appointed, that helps to kept him apolitical and not in fear of losing his position.  The President can't fire him, he (Trump) can and will fire Loretta Lynch because she serves at the pleasure of the President after a confirmation process.  I do agree that Comey blew and over stepped his authority to not charge, but that helps us get Trump in.  She was as guilty as guilty could be.  There is no way they could have interviewed her in a thorough way in 3.5 hours.  Heck, we interviewed and interrogated shoplifters longer than that let alone a suspect that you had 1 years worth of evidence to query.  That was so orchestrated that it insulting to see.  No more lawyers in charge of any office.  Never asked he about her public statements and Congressional testimony that she denied having and knowledge of anything.  She allowed non classified attorneys access to read and destroy her super classified emails.  Comey said he didn't expand his query into her perjury because he didn't have a referral from congress.  That is hogwash.  If during your investigation you find out that the suspect might have committed another crime, you most certainly look in to it.  You don't overlook the homicide because you were investigating a burglary.   This stunk to high heaven and I believe that Lynch relayed to Mr. Clinton that the Feds had no intent to charge her and she should just deny knowledge and take the 5th on anything she didn't want to answer, that way she didn't have to lie to the FBI and become Martha Stewart."

Many thanks to this reader for his comment.

Canadian mail disruption

Do you get your drugs from Canada?

Are you aware of the Canadian mail disruption? Read what happens when negotiations break down.

Of course, getting your prescription drugs from Canada is illegal. You do know that, don't you?

Remember when Jack Franks promoted Rod Blagojevich's Canadian drug scheme on his website for quite a while. Jack and I went round and round about his homepage that was devoted to the illegal importation of prescription drugs. Two days after I finally found out about the Illinois Legislative Inspector General (one of the best-kept secrets in Illinois), the page was gone.

But people still buy their drugs from Canada, because the prices are lower. How much are you saving now, if your drugs, ordered and paid for, don't arrive by the time you need them?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chi-Raq - How about -10 Stars?

Made the huge mistake tonight of wasting 30-40 minutes watching part of Spike Lee's 2015 movie Chi-Raq.

What a waste of time! What a waste of money to make that movie!

I hope Spike put up his own money to make it and didn't sucker investors to waste their money. It had to be money down the drain.

The story line is crap. The script is garbage. The music stinks. John Cusack did a rotten job playing Father Pfleger (called Father Corridan in the movie).

The only good part was that I watched it on a DVD from Netflix, so I didn't have to waste electricity to rewind a tape.

How many stars? 1 was unfair. O wasn't available. Couldn't give it a -10, or I would have.

Why did Castile get shot?

Why did Philando Castile get shot in Falcon Heights, Minn. this week?

After getting stopped for a busted taillight, he reached for his pocket when he should have kept his hands in the air.

His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, says in a video "press conference" that they were told to keep their hands in the air.

From a article, "He let the officer know that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm."

And from the same article, "The officer still sounds distressed as he explains, 'I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand off it.' "

The Minnesota crowd is already buying the rope for the cop's neck. Claims of "the cops are executing blacks" are already in the air.

The media is largely responsible to the growing gap between whites and blacks. The yellow journalism incites groups against one another.

You and I know that, if you are legally armed and so inform a cop, you had better follow the cop's instructions exactly. You do NOT reach toward your firearm unless the cop tells you to do so. If you are sitting in your car, and the firearm is on your right hip and your wallet is in your right back pocket, be very clear to explain that to the cop while both of your hands are still on the steering wheel.

The cop will tell you exactly what he wants you to do. Don't move a hair on a finger until you understand exactly what the cop wants you to do and when he wants you to do it. You might even repeat back to him what he asked you to do, and then do it very s-l-o-w-l-y.

Be smart. Stay alive.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Clinton & emails - anyone else PO'ed?

You can read about it on and on Kyle Wingfield's website and in many other places.

The FBI says that Hillary broke the law and that she won't be prosecuted. Is anyone really surprised by this outcome?

Does this mean that FBI Director James Comey gets to keep his job a little longer?

Either way he'll be "history" after January 20. Trump won't keep him around. And Hillary won't keep him around, either.

If I were Comey, I'd be studying all the facets of Vince Foster's "suicide" and beefing up my security detail. But will he even have a security detail after January 20?

What kind of weakling comes up with a "no prosecution" result? Well, let's say, for example, he knows who signs his paycheck. Obama and Clinton are BFFs now. You think Obama was going to tell Lynch to tell Comey to prosecute Clinton and let the courts figure it out? Ya think?

No way!

Please pass the barf bag. I think I'm about to be sick.

From, " 'Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,' Comey announced after a lengthy recap of the investigation the FBI conducted."

Sure thing. Keywords: "reasonable prosecutor". A reasonable prosecutor might like the idea of still being employed, still being able to practice law and, probably, of still being alive. So on that, Comey is right. After all, remember Vince Foster. He had Arkansas "history". He was unhappy in his job at the Clinton White House in Washington. So he "committed suicide" (with a faulty gun which was found some distance from his body). Suicide? Oh, really?

I met the author of The Murder of Vince Foster at an authors' party in Columbia, Md. in 1995. (When you look up that book on, keep in mind that it's the paperback that was published in 1996.)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

FBI vs. Hillary

Supposedly the FBI and Hillary had coffee and donuts this morning to chat about her personal email server while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

The first thought I had was, "Why the hell is the FBI talking to her on Saturday morning of a holiday week-end for?

Then I was ready to barf after reading the AOLNews article about that meeting. Look what a Clinton mouthpiece had to say:

"Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was Secretary. She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview," Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman, said in a statement."

Man, oh man. The Spinmeister was really at work on that one.

The FBI is going to blow this investigation. They should subpoena her and demand her appearance during normal business hours. Sure, Hillary about have to adjust her travel schedule. So what???

Fun & Games in Zinke Case

The Keystone Cops have nothing on law enforcement in McHenry County.

On July 1 Kim Zinke, Kane County deputy sheriff on paid leave since, possibly, as far back as April 2015, was scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Sharon Prather at the McHenry County Courthouse.

What happened? Judge Prather recused herself. Now comes the question, "Why didn't she do that on the day the case was assigned to her?" Then the case could have been assigned to another judge, and the Wheels of Justice could have continued turning.

Instead, the Defense motioned for a Continuance, and they got it. And apparently Attorney Hank Sugden (and presumably Defendant Kim Zinke) walked out of the courthouse without even a setting of the next court date.

Will every McHenry County judge recuse himself? Didn't the Office of State's Attorney anticipate that?

According to online Court records, the Arrest Warrant was served on June 27 (last Monday) and a 10% Bail was posted on the Bond.

Picture yourself getting arrested on three drug-possession felonies and ending up with a Bond of $10,000, which would allow you to walk away from the Jail by just putting up $1,000. Think that would happen???

How does a person get through the Jail intake system without an entry being made in the online Jail records of her having passed through?

Wouldn't the normal process be to take the arrested accused felon into the Jail, process her with fingerprinting and photograph, and at least temporarily jail her while Bond was being arranged? Can a person immediately bail out without going into the jail?

Do law enforcement personnel get some special privileges after arrest?