Monday, July 11, 2016

Doesn't Bernie have a job?

Bernie Sanders - you know the name right? Doesn't he have a job?

He took a lot of time away from the office to run against Hillary. For some time now, it has been quite clear that he is not going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party for President.

Is he still getting paid as a U.S. Senator? Is he pulling down $174,000 plus perks, while he continues to travel around the country?

Does anyone else think he ought to be back at work or forfeiting his pay? Or even that he should resign?

But wait ... maybe this country is better off to fork over $174,000/year and have him away from the Senate, because he and his socialism might have less impact on this country.

I recently looked up Socialism and found an interesting article that explained why so many in the U.S.A. think Socialism wouldn't be too bad for us. That's because they do not understand what Socialism is! Their definition is what it isn't.

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