Friday, July 22, 2016

WTH did this trip cost us?

Scripps-Howard News Service reported on Obama's entourage to London for the G-20 summit.

What do you think it cost us for him to be there? And what the hell does he know about economics that the .U.S. could not have been represented at much lower cost by somebody who actually knew what was being discussed?

What did Obama take with him?

A staff of 500 (that's FIVE HUNDRED!!!), including
200 Secret Service agents
6 doctors
White House chef and kitchen staff
4 speechwriters


35 (THIRTY-FIVE!!!) vehicles, including numerous "decoy" vehicles
Marine One helicopter
12 teleprompters

Not mentioned was the number of aircraft required to ferry Obama and Gang (and equipment) there and back.

How many hundreds of millions of dollars did it cost us for Obama to attend that 3-day meeting? I, for one, wonder just how many hours he actually spent in productive meetings.

Absurd! Totally absurd!!!


Big Daddy said...

I've worked MANY Presidential details over the years. You have no idea how enormous the entourage is until you see it. I've always thought that the POTUS would probably be safer and more covert if he just took the train into town by himself and maybe one BG,lol. Did I ever tell you about the time Bill Clinton walked over to ME and shook my hand,lol?

Gus said...

No, you never mentioned that. (OK, I shall not make any crass comments ....)

Big Daddy said...

They called us all in and put us in uniform. The Prez is otw and we are needed for crowd control. So we go down to the Water Tower and I'm assigned to the south entrance. The motorcade arrives and Bill's car stops about twenty feet away from me. He exits the car, we make eye contact and he walks over to me, extends his hand and says "thank you for all you do". I was shocked. He is the ultimate politician. Thank God the election was not that day because I might have voted for him. Till I came to my senses,lol. But why couldn't it have been Ronald Reagan or George Bush? Speaking of George Bush, did I ever tell you about the time I shook his hand and he mailed me a letter? That's another story though.