Thursday, January 12, 2023

Pritzker Bans Some Semi-Automatics

So, Fat Guy Pritzker has signed into Illinois law a ban on semi-automatic weapons. Th7e ban affects long guns with a capacity greater than 10 rounds and a handgun with a capacity over 15.

Is this Pritzker's attempt to convert Illinois into Nazi Germany? Russia? other Eastern Bloc countries? China? Japan? England? Australia? New Zealand? Canada?

You all know, of course, that the criminals in Illinois will be first in line to report or turn in their guns by October 1. Yeah, sure.

Just one more reason that I am so glad that I escaped from Illinois in 2014 and will never go back. Like many, I'll even avoid driving through Illinois.

Did Pritzker commit perjury when he took the oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States?

A dozen sheriffs have stated they will not enforce the law.

What about Sheriff Rob Tadelman? Read his statement on H.B. 5471, which became law on 1/10/23 as Public Act 102-1116. It looks like a different law but also about certain firearms.

And notice how the People of Illinois got conned with that Bill, which started out as a bill that related to public adjusters and then was gutted and replaced with a gun-control bill. 

Call Tadelman and ask him where he stands. 815.338.2144