Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wake up, McHenry County.

Everybody in McHenry County, WAKE UP. There is an election on November 4.

Are you busy finding out about candidates? Are you calling them? Writing to them? Asking them questions? Learning their positions? Going to meet-and-greets?

What about in the race for Sheriff?

Are you meeting the candidates, Jim Harrison and Bill Prim?

What questions could you ask them?

Q. What are their views on militarization of the Sheriff's Department?

Q. With the shrinking population of Federal prisoners and ICE detainees in the jail, what are their plans to control the budget?

Q. Will either commit to re-opening the triple homicide (Jack Feldkamp, Audrey Feldkamp, Doran Bloom) in McHenry County on June 7, 2011, and conducting a thorough, proper and complete investigation?

Q. Will they continue with Zinke's plan to change patrol cars to a different fuel? What was it? Hydrogen?

Q. If a deputy is involved in a crime, will they charge the deputy and arrest? Will they request (insist) on prosecution? Or will they attempt to hide it under the table with "administrative discipline" of 30 days or less, so it never gets into public record?

Q. Will each candidate reduce the number of days of discipline for a matter to go to the Merit Commission? Currently, if discipline is "more than 30 days", it is supposed to go to the Merit Commission? Currently, a deputy can get repeated discipline of 30 days and it still doesn't go to the Merit Commission? [Compare this to the Woodstock Police Department, where discipline of five days goes to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.]

Q. Will the candidate direct the new FOIA officer to respond to requests in compliance with the Illinois FOIA law? (MCSD still has not responded to my July 13th request.)

Q. Will the candidates survey employees to find out what they think about leadership in a department that thumbs its nose at a State law?

Q. Will the candidates implement the use of 360ยบ performance reviews, in order to learn about problems that employees face with supervisors?

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