Friday, July 25, 2014

McCarthy: Emanuel's parrot

Kudos to the Chicago Police Department for collaring the kid who allegedly fired a shot into a house, killing an 11-year-old girl in a bedroom last Friday night.

So, what did CPD Supt. McCarthy have to say about it? "But at the end of the day, you introduce a gun into a fistfight, this is what happens.”

Hello? Does he have an agenda?

The gun wasn't "introduced" into a fist fight. The fight occurred earlier. The shooting was intended retaliation. But this stupid remark is intended to inflame people against guns, rather than being focused on the real problem. A dumb gangbanger.

We should all be saddened by this senseless shooting and the death of Shamiya Adams.

If the CPD were following David Kennedy's real CeaseFire program, as described in Don't Shoot, they'd be out now, collaring the leader of the gang and putting him away for 20 years. That would start getting the message through to the rest of the shooters in Chicago!


Big Daddy said...

David Kennedy would be the last guy I would ask for advice. All Chicago needs are prosecutors that are willing to prosecute. No more supervision, no more SOL'ing cases, no more time considered served, no more rejection of good cases by Felony Review simply because they can. In this regard I say bring in the fed's. Not agents but prosecutors. Start putting these thugs in jail. Charge them federally!

Gus said...

Big Daddy, I'm curious about your comment regarding Kennedy. Have you read his book? Seems to me it's a get-tough method of taming gang leaders, who control so much of what happens on their turf.

Big Daddy said...

IMHO he's just another naive, wide eyed "expert" who thinks he has a better idea. I've read his book and sorry, I'm not impressed.