Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pyle - not prime-time news

In fact, not any news, at all.

Wasn't today the day that former McHenry County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Greg Pyle was to be sentenced in Federal Court in Rockford on a charge to which he pled guilty in January?

Well, what happened in court today?

Nobody's talkin'. Not McHenry County Blog. Not the Northwest Herald. Not the Chicago Tribune. Not the Rockford Register Star.

After Pyle's guilty plea in January, his sentencing date was set for April/ Then it was re-scheduled to July 9 - that's today. Did Pyle manage to pull over another delay?


Gus said...

Just heard that Pyle's sentencing has been postponed to September 17, 2014. Many should be wondering, "Why?"

Is something going on behind the scenes? He's a guy with a lot of insider knowledge. Is he rolling over on some people about some things that have been hidden away from the light of day?

Jim Jones said...

Yes, he's working the best "deal" he can muster for himself. I really doubt much else. All if the " wait till Pyle tells all" crowd must be pissed nothing cme roaring out.

Gus said...

About the only deal Pyle can cut is where he gets to spend the first part of the next 30 years. He pled guilty to a Federal crime that carries a minimum 30-year sentence.

But, writing this, now I wonder if the judge can sentence Pyle to 30 years, but stay part of it.

If Pyle rats out on Nygren & Company (and/or others), could that buy him some leniency (mitigation?) and get him sent to a Federal country club?

Joseph Monack said...

Thanks for staying on this story, Gus. It's a bummer that Cal didn't mention it. And the Northwest Herald? Forget about it!