Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who is the drug dealer?

What's going on with the case of Daniel "Potatoe" Huber, driver of a second car at the time of the 2:00AM single-car, fatal crash on July 1st that killed two 16-year-old boys near Woodstock.

Huber has another court date on Thursday, February 28. On that date a 402 Conference is already scheduled. Is there a deal coming?

Thanks to careful work by the specially-trained deputies at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, Huber was tracked down. He is charged with drag-racing and other felonies and is alleged to have been at or near the scene of the crash, but left without rendering aid or calling for help.

A video tape from the Marathon gas station on Route 47 south of Highway 14 showed Huber there at the same time as Jacob Norys and Alec Kaiser. A Woodstock Police officer, never identified in the press, apparently talked to Norys and Kaiser but may have only asked them if they were old enough to smoke. Had he quizzed them further, he would have determined that neither was authorized to drive the car they were in, due to their ages and restricted driver's licenses.

Toxicology reports on Norys and Kaiser showed marijuana in both bodies. Who is the drug dealer who sold them the marijuana? Is anyone at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department investigating this?

It can't be that hard to learn where they got the drugs. Ask their friends. They are or were probably buying from the same person. Could Huber know the dealer(s)? Will he reveal the name or names? Maybe hoping for a little break in his own case?

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