Friday, February 22, 2013

Ex-Secret Service Agent speaks out

Get a load of what Dan Bongino has to say about your rights. Action matters!

It's worth your time to watch this.


Big Daddy said...

I agree with not allowing the left to dictate the terminology. I say stop using the term "assault rifle". There is no such thing in this country other than the rifle used in the military. My M4, AR15 or whatever else you want to call it IS NOT an assault rifle. It is NOT a fully automatic rifle such as the ones used by the military. It is a single shot rifle just like any rifle used by hunters. The only similarity of my M4 to an "assault rifle" is the color, the rails and the detachable box magazine.
"Gun violence. There is no such thing. In my 31 plus years as a Police Officer I never once saw a gun get up off of a table and walk over and shoot someone. It always required another component-a person. The correct terminolgy is just "violence". Assault rifle and gun violence are simply terms used by the left to demonize guns and gun onwners. Don't play their game.

Clem Kadiddlehopper said...

The correct terminology for the rifle is "modern sporting rifle" and the 30 round magazines shipped with the 5,56x45mm product are "standard magazines."

This is because the Armalite Rifle platform comes chambered in many different calibers, including .308 Win, making it a superb deer and large game rifle. DPMS makes an Armalite Rifle platform in .338 Federal, making it an excellent rifle for bear, and .338 Lapua, making it effective for long range shooting.

The light weight, easy handling in the field, coupled with the large magazine capacity makes the Armalite design a superior hunting rifle, in my opinion.

Because it is an excellent personal defense weapon, as well as a well designed hunting rifle, the Armalite Rifle design is one of the most successful and popular ever. So popular that 20 to 30 million rifles are in the hands of the American public.

The modern sporting rifle is not an assault rifle, any more than an old-style lever action .30-30 is.

Never give into the left's deliberate propaganda and refer to the modern sporting rifle as an "assault rifle," "assault weapon," or "weapon of mass destruction."

And always remember, the left wants Americans to be "under-gunned" when it comes to facing armed criminals. The left is on the side of the criminal element.