Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tim Smith trial and verdict

After a relatively short period, in my opinion, of deliberations, a jury today found Timothy Smith guilty late this afternoon in the fatal shooting of Kurt Milliman on May 28, 2011, near Woodstock.

Judge Prather had given the instructions to the jury with great clarity. The jury entered deliberations about 10:50AM. At 4:12PM it was announced that the jury was ready with its verdict, and many in the courthouse began moving to Courtroom 304.

The jury returned, and the foreman (politically-correctly called the Foreperson) handed the verdict file to the bailiff, who delivered it to Judge Prather. She announced the guilty verdict and added that it included the interrogatory that referred to involvement of a firearm, which results in an increased sentence.

Smith is facing a minimum sentence of 45 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The trial of Kimberly Smith is scheduled for March 11. She was granted use immunity to testify against Tim and, if she testified truthfully, nothing she gave in his trial can be used against her.

Her charges are Obstruction of Justice (two counts), false reporting of offense, and prostitution.

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