Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 143 - where is Beth Bentley?

Week 143. Beth Bentley has been gone 1,001 days!

I was thinking recently of the names of people who might have been called as witnesses, had the Woodstock Police Department charges against Jenn Wyatt been prosecuted further.

On the list of possible witnesses in her case were
Woodstock Police Officers Falat, Parsons and Rosenquist (now retired from Woodstock PD and employed at the Sheriff's Dept. as a court security officer),
Illinois State Police Special Agent Daniel Thomas,
Chet Gibbs of Bensenville,
Todd Jackson,
Kimberly Timmerman,
Steven Marshall of Centralia,
Christopher Ury,
Jeremy Velmont (Beth Bentley's eldest son),
Joshua Velmont (Beth Bentley's middle son)
Cissy Sullivan of Marengo, and
Angeline Holtgrave of Breese (Ill.).

If I recall correctly, the court documents said that none on the witness list had had any criminal charges filed against them. Did they really check IDOC or McHenry County records and not find anything?

Because the charges against Jenn were dropped, the witnesses never got called.

Who are all those people? In what way are they connected to Beth, if at all?

Did investigators pursue leads into all the rumors that circulated about Beth's habits? Did they attempt to "connect the dots"? Did they create a matrix of who knew whom? And not with just that list of names... with the list of names of all who had connections of any type to Beth.

Where is Beth Bentley?

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