Friday, February 15, 2013

45 now co-sponsor HB 0997

Add four more State Representatives (all Republicans) to the list of co-sponsors of this session's concealed carry bill, HB 0997. State Representatives Barb Wheeler, David McSweeney, Darlene Senger and Dennis Reboletti have joined in. Thank you.

Here's the current line-up:

Daniel V. Beiser, (D-111)
Mike Bost, (R-115)
John E. Bradley, (D-117)
Rich Brauer, (R-87)
Adam Brown, (R-102)
John M. Cabello, (R-68)
John D. Cavaletto, (R-107)
Linda Chapa LaVia, (D-83)
Katherine Cloonen, (D-79)
Jerry F. Costello, II, (D-116)
C.D. Davidsmeyer, (R-100)
Tom Demmer, (R-90)
Brad E. Halbrook, (R-110)
Norine Hammond, (R-93)
Josh Harms, (R-106)
Chad Hay, (R-104)
Jeanne M. Ives, (R-42)
Eddie Lee Jackson, Sr., (D-114)
Dwight Kay, (R-112)
David R. Leitch, (R-73)
David McSweeney, (R-52)
Charles E Meier, (R-108)
Bill Mitchell, (R-101)
Donald L. Moffitt, (R-74)
Thomas Morrison, (R-54)
JoAnn D. Osmond, (R-61)
Brandon W. Phelps, (D-118)
Raymond Poe, (R-99)
Robert W. Pritchard, (R-70)
Dennis Reboletti, (R-45)
David Reis, (R-109)
Wayne Rosenthal, (R-95)
Pam Roth, (R-75)
Jim Sacia, (R-89)
Ron Sandack, (R-81)
Sue Scherer, (D-96)
Darlene Senger, (R-41)
Mike Smiddy, (D-71)
Keith P. Sommer, (R-88)
Joe Sosnowski, (R-69)
Ed Sullivan, Jr., (R-51)
Jil Tracy, (R-94)
Michael Unes, (R-91)
Patrick J. Verschoore, (D-72)
Barb Wheeler, (R-64)

45 Co-Sponsors, as of 2/10/13:
Republicans - 35 (78%)
Democrats - 10 (22%)

Seventy-one (71) State Representatives are needed to vote YEA for this bill to pass and be effective in Chicago and other home-rule cities. Right now, nobody is talking about the Illinois Senate, but a scorecard there needs to start.

It's virtually a "given" that Illinois will have a concealed-carry law in June, thanks to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Illinois Attorney General has thrown up a stalling tactic with an appeal of the December decision. Too bad she wasn't at the townhall meeting on the Chicago South Side on February 2 to see more than one-half of the audience indicate that they will apply for a conceal carry license. That's in Chicago, Lisa!

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Robert said...

The only thing that would induce me to want a conceal-carry permit is the knowledge that every person I've ever known to want one -and to a person are are on my list of the last people who should be entrusted with one- now has one.