Friday, February 15, 2013

Wheeler, McSweeney co-sponsor HB 0997

Law-abiding citizens of McHenry County can thank State Representatives Barb Wheeler and David McSweeney for signing on to HB 0997, this session's concealed-carry bill.

We thank them for doing so. The legislature is not in session this week, but they are at work in their district offices.


Remember - right-to-carry is not going to mean that gun-toting citizens will be strutting down Main Street, waiting for the clock to strike "12" at high noon. Right-to-carry will reduce crime in Illinois, as it has in many, many states. Police chiefs around the country who were, at first, reluctant to support right-to-carry, found that their fears were not realized.

Prof. John Lott wrote More Guns, Less Crime.

The gun control laws being pushed by the President and the Democrats will not solve the crime problem in the country. Their proposals will actually increase crime, because the criminals will have more unarmed targets.

Equally dangerous for the Republic is the utter nonsense of taking arms away from citizens who might just need them one of the days to protect the Republic for all enemies, foreign and domestic. Why is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security stockpiling enough ammunication for a 30-year way. Against whom?

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