Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beth Bentley - gone 141 weeks

What is it going to take to find Beth Bentley?

She went missing 141 weeks ago. Who still thinks that she just walked (or rode) away from Centralia, Illinois? Anyone?

There was just an article in the Northwest Herald about "cold cases". This case is cool, but it's not ice cold. The people who were in Beth's life and around it are still around. They are still walking and breathing, and most are still in this area. In a period of 2 1/2 years, not many of them have moved away.

Since there seems to be no budget to hire investigators to find Beth, what can be done?

Is anyone still interested? Even now, a concentrated effort could be made to investigate her disappearance. There are enough holes in stories that anyone paying attenion could start piecing together inconsistencies, even lies.

Are the police reports of her disappearance now available? Who might collect reports from the Woodstock, Mount Vernon and Centralia Police Departments, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and the Illinois State Police. And who has the critical eye to analyze them? I can think of several people. Will police continue to claim that it's an "open investigation"?

I extend this invitation to family members (sons, husband, brothers, father) - contact me and tell me what your interest level is in finding Beth. There are others who are interested and who will help, but they are not willing to stick their necks out and put themselves and family members at risk.

If Beth didn't just walk down the tracks and out of town that Sunday in May 2010, then there are people around here who don't want her found. Let's find Beth, and let's put those people away.


iwannaknow said...

Dearest Gus, You know I read your weekly report on Beth's case faithfully. I appreciate that you continue to question where she is and why there has been no updates or movement in her case. I know from personal experience that you are a kind hearted soul. (Hope that doesn't ruin your reputation)

But your invitation to Beth's family to tell you their "interest level in finding Beth" made me flinch. Husband, Brothers, and even her elderly father... OK. But her sons, Gus? I have never met them, but my guess is CJ's interest level alone should be enough.

I don't understand that whole paragraph. Are you saying if the family contacts you with an interest level of extremely high, then the people you know who are interested in finding Beth will help as long as they don't have to stick their necks out? If these people can help.. then why don't they just do it??? Am I missing something?

I really don't mean to offend and would be terribly disappointed if a Sunday did not have your only update on Beth's case.

Gus said...

Thank you for your comment. I do mean it. Thanks. No offense taken, I assure you.

Here's what I think. I would like to help the family. I believe I can help the family. If they want my help, I guess I'd like to hear that from them. I don't wish to be their adversary.

They all have valuable information, like pieces of the puzzle. They know whom Beth knew. Some people have alluded to Beth's relationships and connections. Every one of those should be identified and explored. Tracked and recorded. Connected with the others.

Two years ago I thought about establishing a search office on the Square. There was a storefront available. Then I thought better of it; I didn't want somebody's office torched, if we started digging and finding leads.

Some of the people in Beth's life might not want too many rocks turned over. Perhaps they have something to lose, if too many questions are asked. Maybe it can be done more quietly, by someone who is not wearing a badge.

Every rumor should be identified and tracked from its original to its conclusion. I've long felt Beth's father has valuable information, only he may not consider it valuable.