Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama gun poll

Check out the results of the poll on KSTP.com, which asks the question "Do you agree with Obama's gun proposals?"

KSTP serves the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. At this writing, 91.33% had voted No.

Of course, there is no hope that the GunGrabber-in-Chief will pay attention to that poll and cancel the rest of his expensive campaign trip to strip gun rights from law-abiding citizens.

Why doesn't he come to Chicago, ditch his bodyguards and take the 'L' to the South Side and walk the streets for a few hours - maybe with his wife and children?

Well, actually, I'd rather he leave his children in a safe place and not expose them to Life.


Oh brother...... said...

Your disrespect to our President and Commander-in-Chief is unbelievable.

Gus said...

Obama is a danger to our Constitutional Rights. How can I respect that? He wants to disarm law-abiding citizens.

It's not going to happen.