Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is a death news?

Is a death in McHenry County news?

When is it not news? If a death occurs, should it be reported promptly in the news?

On Monday morning a woman's death occurred. Law enforcement responded and investigated, of course. And ...   And ???

Where is the news reporting about it? Did not the sheriff's department inform its favorite newspaper? Promptly? Is there some reason that the newspaper did not publish the information?

Even if all the paper reported was that ____ _____ died at her home on Monday morning, it's news. Paramedics from ___ responded, as did deputies from the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. And probably the Coroner's office.

Was it a death from natural causes? Accidental? Were there suspicious circumstances? Had the person been under any reported stress or threats?

If the death was on Monday morning and this is Wednesday afternoon, hasn't enough time elapsed for the press to provide some information? Once the public knows, you never know what additional information might show up.

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Anonymous said...

There's around 4 deaths per day on average in Mchenry County, and I'm sure paramedics and police are involved one way or another with most non-hospital or nursing home deaths. Two family members have died at home in home hospice, and in both instances, the sheriff and paramedics were involved. There was no press release, or public annocement in either instance...the decisions of printing an obituary and making any annocements was the families responsibility. What public interest is served by a press release from the sheriff or paramedics? What business is it of non-family members?

After a death, the family may need time to make arrangements, secure house and property, retrieve important documents or assets, and to make arrangements for pets, etc. it seems to me that the only people to benefit from some immediate new release would be those looking to take advantage of bereaved family, or make a quick buck by stealing the deceased property.