Thursday, February 7, 2013

Co-sponsors of concealed carry bill

Here are the co-sponsors (so far) of HB0997, this year's concealed carry bill. Recognize any names? The number is for the State Representative's House District. The higher numbers are in the southern part of Illinois. Good luck trying to find a map of Illinois House Districts!

Daniel V. Beiser, (D-111)
Mike Bost, (R-115)
John E. Bradley, (D-117)
Rich Brauer, (R-87)
Adam Brown, (R-102)
John M. Cabello, (R-68)
John D. Cavaletto, (R-107)
Linda Chapa LaVia, (D-83)
Katherine Cloonen, (D-79)
Jerry F. Costello, II, (D-116)
C.D. Davidsmeyer, (R-100)
Tom Demmer, (R-90)
Brad E. Halbrook, (R-110)
Norine Hammond, (R-93)
Josh Harms, (R-106)
Chad Hay, (R-104)
Jeanne M. Ives, (R-42)
Eddie Lee Jackson, Sr., (D-114)
Dwight Kay, (R-112)
David R. Leitch, (R-73)
Charles E Meier, (R-108)
Bill Mitchell, (R-101)
Donald L. Moffitt, (R-74)
Thomas Morrison, (R-54)
JoAnn D. Osmond, (R-61)
Brandon W. Phelps, (D-118)
Raymond Poe, (R-99)
Robert W. Pritchard, (R-70)
David Reis, (R-109)
Wayne Rosenthal, (R-95)
Pam Roth, (R-75)
Jim Sacia, (R-89)
Ron Sandack, (R-81)
Sue Scherer, (D-96)
Mike Smiddy, (D-71)
Keith P. Sommer, (R-88)
Joe Sosnowski, (R-69)
Ed Sullivan, Jr., (R-51)
Jil Tracy, (R-94)
Michael Unes, (R-91)
Patrick J. Verschoore, (D-72)

41 Co-Sponsors, as of 2/10/13:
Republicans - 31 (76%)
Democrats - 10 (24%)

Where are the names -
Jack Franks (D-63)? 815.334.0063
Mike Tryon (R-66)? 815.459.6453
David McSweeney (R-52)? 847.516.0052
Barb Wheeler (R-64)? 847.973.0064

Give them a call and ask them to co-sponsor HB0997. Ask if they will. Ask when. If they won't, ask why not? Illinois legislators are under a court mandate to pass a law by June 9, 2013. Why should there be any delay?

On the other hand, maybe we shouldn't be working too hard to get a law passed. Then we'd end up with Constitutional Carry. Everybody with a FOID card carries. Concealed or open, and no license.

Editor's note: The following names were added to the above list on 2/10/13. Reps. Davidsmeyer, Mitchell, Sandack, Poe, Brauer, Moffitt, Ives.


dave said...

Good luck finding maps? It took me about 10 seconds on google:

Maps on google maps:,-89.664939&sspn=0.014294,0.018132&ie=UTF8&z=7

Or just PDFs:

Gus said...

Dave, glad you found those maps in 10 seconds. They look like 2011 maps and not from a State website, such as the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The 2013 Districts may be different and, in some cases, are different.

dave said..., the maps are not different. Those are the current legislative maps that were done in the once-a-decade 2011 remap process after the census.

But if you want maps from the State Board of Elections, you could just go to the ISBE website and search for maps. Another 10 second search, and it got me this:

Gus said...

Isn't clarity of communication wonderful?

What I was looking for was a State map of the districts, not District maps of their own territories.

Gee, couldn't you read my mind? : )

Thanks for your help, Dave. Through the link you provided, someone can look up the boundaries of a specific district.