Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beth Bentley - gone 142 weeks

Who thought on May 30, 2010, one week after Beth Bentley disappeared, that 142 weeks would pass with no word of her, from her or about her?

At that time people thought, or were led to think, that she had just walked (or ridden) away from Centralia, Ill., where her friend and traveling companion, Jennifer Wyatt, says she had dropped her off near the Amtrak Station. That story was according to Wyatt, whose first story caused people to think that Beth had taken the 6:00PM train north to Chicago.

Some people, I included, consulted the Amtrak schedule, figured out that Beth might have arrived in the Chicago Loop about 10:30PM, might have hoofed it to Ogilvie Transportation Center, might have taken the last Metra train to Woodstock on Sunday night, might have arrived in Woodstock at 2:01AM Monday morning...  might have, might have, might have... and didn't.

By June 10th the story from Wyatt was that Beth had never intended to take the train to Chicago. And that she had never intended to spend the entire week-end in Mount Vernon, Ill. with Jenn and brothers, Ryan and Nathan Ridge. If she didn't, what was it that she intended to do? And with whom?

Apparently, Beth and Jenn were to meet up in northern Illinois on Monday afternoon, so that they could return to Woodstock together and Beth could get her car from Jenn's garage on Tara Drive and be home before her husband got home from work on May 24, 2010.

That didn't happen, either.

How many times has Jenn told her story? Who picked it apart and began to recognize discrepancies? Who traced the discrepancies?

Who analyzed the phone calls of all the phones on the group phone plan over the week-end? Who spotted calls that should have been in the records, but weren't? Who tracked down the text messages?

One hundred forty-two weeks...  Where is Beth?

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