Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coach shoots robbers in Detroit

A tragedy all the way around? Unexplainable?

Watch the news report right to the end. Then, somebody go and kick those two TV reporters.

"The boys"? "The two young men"...?

You think they meant the two punks who were committing an armed robbery? Are those the "two young men" the reporter on the news desk meant?

The 70-year-old man (the coach) was lucky. If he had a gun in his face, as the reporter said, and he was able to draw and shoot, he's good. And he is very lucky.

I got robbed at gunpoint one cold night in Denver, right after leaving a restaurant. I never could have gotten to my Chief Special, if I had had it on. My car was the first car in the parking lot, not at the far end in a dark corner. One of the robbers even frisked me, so I was extra lucky that I wasn't armed.

Had I been armed, would I have moved my gun from the holster to my overcoat pocket for the 25-foot walk to my car? Probably not. They got only a little money, since I was leaving the restaurant.


Mike said...

These fools have no clue

Maverick50 said...

Clueless is not even close to describe these idiots. Criminals will always hay guns. They will steal, purchase or make. Trying to stop them is an exercise in futility. People better wake up before its to late! History repeats itself FACT!!