Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who laughed in 1996?

When I moved to Illinois in 1996, one of the first phone calls I made was to inquire how to get a concealed carry license application.

An officer at the Woodstock Police department, then smaller and located in the basement at Woodstock City Hall, directed me to the sheriff's department.

I called the McHenry County Sheriff's Department and spoke with a deputy  He laughed out loud and said I would never get a concealed carry permit in Illinois!

I wish I had recorded his name. If he is still with the sheriff's department, I hope he'll call me now. I suspect he has retired, but perhaps he'll read this and call me, or perhaps another department will know of his joking remark to me.

I'm not interested in the "last laugh", although I remember the sentence ("He who laughs last, laughs best") from years ago.

The day is almost here,when law-abiding Illinois residents will be able to apply for and get a concealed-carry permit (called "license" in the legislation that is pending).

The topic of "shall issue" or "may issue" arose in yesterday's Judiciary Committee hearing in Springfield. I sincerely hope the decision will be in the hands of the State Police and that, if a person meets the qualifications, the license "shall" be issued.

Putting the decision in the hands of a county sheriff or police chief will result in delay and unnecessary expense. In an Iowa case, a sheriff denied the application of a law-abiding citizen who had been a political opponent. The case went to court, and the judge bashed the sheriff - properly.

Just imagine if Sheriff Nygren had a chance to throw a monkey wrench into my own application. Would he? Or would he be man enough to just stamp my application "No objection" and send it quickly on its way?

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yagottabekidding said...

Dont laugh yet. You dont have an Illinois CCW and you're not getting any younger.