Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guns or money - who is soliciting?

When I asked a friend this morning if he were a "gun person", he said he wasn't but that he had received a telephone call last night, soliciting money on the gun issue, or asking for a donation of a gun. He didn't recall what organization had made the call, and he hadn't donated.

With the national attention on gun control issues and with the Illinois legislature being forced now to enact a concealed carry law, people will probably be coming out of the woodwork to play on emotions and get you to part with your money.

Be careful, as always. There may be good organizations asking for donations. Ask questions.

The Illinois State Rifle Association is not calling you for donations. The McHenry County Right To Carry Association (MCR2CA) is not calling you. And both organizations would welcome any donations you might like to make. A donation to either is not tax-deductible.

MCR2CA is re-energized, with new officers and energy. The new website will likely be "up" within a matter of days. If you go to and get the old site, return in a day or two.

MCR2CA will be at the February 17th gun show at the Woodstock VFW.

MCR2CA will be at the Great Outdoor Expo at Woodstock North High School on February 23-24.

A general membership and informational meeting of MCR2CA is being planned for the last week in February. Watch for information here and on the new website.

If you would like to be on the e-mail list of MCR2CA for information and updates, please send an email to and indicate your interest.

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