Friday, February 8, 2013

Kimberly Smith - no show in court

Kimberly Smith had a court date with Judge Prather this morning at 9:00AM.

Smith has a criminal case (11CF000521) in McHenry County Circuit Court that is related to the murder case against her husband, Timothy Smith. Kimberly's case involves its own set of charges of three felonies (obstruction of justice (2 counts) and false report of offense) and a misdemeanor charge of prostitution. Kurt Milliman was fatally shot by her husband at the Smith residence on Doty Road on May 28, 2011.

Kimberly Smith's court date today was a status hearing and on a motion. She has a trial date set for March 11th. When her case was called about 9:18AM, Kimberly Smith was not in the courtroom. After other cases, Judge Prather recessed the court at 9:46AM.

Attorneys in this case were moving around, in and out of the courtroom and into the "back" hallway. At 10:44AM the court re-convened and other cases were called. Shortly after 11:00AM Judge Prather called Smith's case again. Kimberly Smith was still not in the courtroom.

The State's Attorney's Office asked Judge Prather for a warrant, and one was issued with a $25,000 bond. You may recall that Smith's case originally had a high bond (not all that high), and the bond was reduced to $15,000 on June 6, 2011.

Will the Sheriff's Department move this one to the top of the list? Or will they slide it to the bottom of the pile?

Kurt Milliman was a former employee of the Sheriff's Department, where he had worked as a court security officer. Kurt was the brother of Deputy Scott Milliman, a whistleblower who is paying the price now for giving testimony under oath in a deposition in the case of another deputy who is suing the Sheriff's Department. That deposition, eventually leaked by the Sheriff's Department to the Northwest Herald, contained very unfavorable information about Sheriff Nygren.

Will Smith turn herself in and sit in jail until someone coughs up $2,500?

Her next court date is now Monday, February 11. The time wasn't announced in court - probably 9:00AM.

What was going to happen this morning that maybe Kimberly Smith didn't like? I've got the unofficial version, but I guess it will have to wait for her next court date.

Her husband, Timothy Smith, has a status hearing on Case No. 11CF000520 on February 19 and a jury trial scheduled for February 25. His charges are Murder (Class M Felony), Pandering, Obstruction of Justice, and Pimping.

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