Thursday, February 21, 2013

How long will you live?

How long will you live? This is not a joke!

The link below is to a calculator that estimates your life expectancy and was developed by Northwestern Mutual Life.

It is interesting that there are only 13 questions. They try to predict how long you're likely to live. It does say that it won't work if you have some long term health problem, but generally it works well. I hope it works for you. Watch your age go up and down as you answer the questions.

This is very interesting, give it a try.... Good luck! I was an agent and C.LU. for Northwestern Mutual Life. It's a terrific company, if you like low-cost, permanent life insurance. At the time it was "the" low-cost company - not the lowest premium, but the lowest "cost".

The only thing I saved from my career in life insurance was the slogan, "In the beginning there is price; in the end there is cost." That's true, whether you are buying houses, cars, clothing or life insurance.

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