Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Should school start clinic?

Yesterday's Northwest Herald carried an article about a plan in the Woodstock School District 200 to set up a health clinic for high-school students and their families.

Do you believe this?

Why in the world would the school district go into the healthcare business?

The article says that the paper received an email from District 200 reading, in part, "Many district families have no health insurance or have limited access to health care."

The very next sentence in the article reads "The district doesn't have statistics on uninsured students"!!!

My opinion? District 200 does not belong in the healthcare business! If students must get shots, then you give them a piece of paper telling them where they can go to get them. Let them put down their iPhones and iPads, skip Starbuck's a couple of days a week, and get over to one of the places where they can get the shots.

And not only is the District thinking about treating students, but apparently it is going to offer treatment to families.

The next School Board meeting is Tuesday, February 26. There was just one last night, the same day as the newspaper article - perhaps I would have enjoyed it more than the State of the Union pitch. Be at the School Board meeting on February 26, 7:00PM, at Clay Academy, 112 Grove St., Woodstock.

Current School Board members are Robert Birchfield, Russ Goerlitz, Camille Goodwin, Dr. Katherine Lechner, Paul J. Meyer, Marcy Piekos and David Shinherr. When you see them around town, bend their ears on this one.

You can vent to the school board on an email webform through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the homepage at  Be sure to select Board of Education as the recipient of your message.

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Maverick50 said...

Why do we have FAMILY HEALTH PARTNERSHIP? Its not the school's job to provide health care for our students. It's just another BURDEN and DUPLICATION of services. If this is the path the school board wants to take, then its time for them to step aside. They surely do not understand their jobs!