Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union

OK, does anyone have an opinion of last night's State of the Union speech?

I started getting fed up when the Cabinet was called in. Who were all those people?

You'd have thought they were the center of attention, as they took their good, old time to come in and glad-hand everyone.

And then the Prez entered. I wonder if anyone kept score of the hands he shook and the cheek kisses. Give me a break.

I lasted about ten minutes into his remarks and clicked away. The country is stronger? Tell that to all the people who don't have jobs. Tell that to all the people who are still losing their homes. Tell that to the kids getting out of school who can't find jobs.

The next four years cannot pass quickly enough. I hope we, as a country, survive.


Oh brother...... said...

If the United States managed to survive 8 years of George W Bush, we can certainly make it through 8 years of President Obama!

Maverick50 said...

I wonder what Vegas odds are on that statement? I have always stated "History will repeat itself." And its getting uglier and uglier as each day passes.Obama has done NOTHING except put us DEEPER in debt and a much WEAKER nation. If you liberals want to blame Bush for all our woes... Look at Clinton for generating a FALSE ECONOMY!It's seems to be all about pointing fingers... The IDIOT at the helm is the PROBLEM NOT the SOLUTION!