Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ask your local cop and deputy

Here's a question for you to ask your local cop or your neighbor who is a deputy.

"Would you fire on a citizen who refused to allow you to confiscate his weapons, if he is an otherwise law-abiding person?"

Ask him or her what would make him fire on you. Would an order from his sergeant do it? How about an order from that sergeant's commander? An order from Undersheriff Zinke? How about an order from Sheriff Nygren?

Can the Northwest Herald or the Chicago Tribune get a believable statement out of Nygren or Zinke that they would order their deputies not to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens, even if ordered to do so my Gov. Quinn or President Obama?

Will Chief Lowen of the Woodstock Police Department pledge not to sic his officers on law-abiding citizens for the purpose of confiscating legally-owned weapons?


Clem Kadiddlehopper said...

Good luck with the Northwest Herald and getting any truth fronm them. Their censorship is brutal and aimed at silencing the right. It does not matter what I post, certain regular posters (who I will not name) always get my posts deleted and my id banned.

Since the NWHerald has no interest in freedom of speech, do not expect them to fairly or accurately report the positions of our elected officials.

Unless it is a left wing one.

I am done with them.

Instead of relying on the NWH (for anything), you might get better and more accurate information from the Daily Herald instead.

Big Daddy said...

A good question but I already know the answer. NO! And tht is the answer I received from every policeman i know when I posed it to them a weekr o ago.

Big Daddy said...

Please pardon my spelling . It's my computer not me.