Saturday, December 20, 2008

U.S. Flag needs replacement

For several weeks I've been watching the U.S. Flag in front of the Moose Lodge on Clay Street become more and more tattered. Since I'm not a Moose, I've hesitated to call the lodge and suggested that they replace the flag. (To enlarge the image, click on it; then hit the Back button on your browser.)
Has not any member of the Moose Lodge noticed how this flag is deteriorating and reported it to the Lodge manager?
What's more disrespectful? A tattered U.S. Flag or a naked flagpole?
Last summer I did call property management companies of two shopping centers near Northwest Highway and Virginia Road in Crystal Lake. Neither property manager returned my calls, but eventually they removed the tattered flags and then did not replace them!
Flags cost money and they don't last long. Where are they made? Taiwan? Is there a company that produces a U.S. Flag that will last longer than three months?
The U.S. Flag Code has a provision about removal of tattered and torn flags. Unfortunately, the Flag Code has no enforcement provisions and no penalties.
Here's an idea for an entrepreneur. Start a business of renting or leasing U.S. Flags to commercial property owners, with the guarantee to replace flags as they become tattered. If they are removed soon enough, a little sewing might get them back in service. Any takers?

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