Monday, December 8, 2008

Non-Quota Class

On December 4 I wrote about Quota-Free Policing. See below for the article.

Now here is an interesting concept. When is a quota not a quota? Is a rose by any other name not a rose? But what if you don't even change the name?

Deputies of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department have now been trained that there is no quota system at their Department. There is no ticket quota system. Got it? "It's illegal to set quotas for tickets", they have been told. And the class name for the two-hour class? "Non Quota".

And the ten (10) tickets that a deputy is now expected to write each month? (I mean, after the class...) Remember, guys and gals, this is not a "quota."

And if your supervisors push you to write more (say, 20/month), this is not a "quota", either. (Psst, remember; quota systems are illegal.)

And what happens if you don't meet this (non-) quota? You might be lucky enough to get one six-month extension to "shape up" and meet your performance standard. After that? You'll probably want to go shopping for a lawyer. And if you need a good one, call Blake Horwitz.

Where will you find all these lucky folks for your tickets? Be sure to write those tickets on County Township roads. Stay off Routes 14, 176, 31 in the Crystal Lake area. Why? It must have something to do with who gets the $80 that the driver is going to part with.

If you (you know who I mean) don't like this new "Non-Quota System", you might post your comment right here. Go to Google or Yahoo or Hotmail or or or wherever and set up an anonymous email address and post your comment or email it to me at Or fax your comments to me at (815) 338-2666.

Are we all relieved now to know that there is no longer a ticket quota system in McHenry County?

Please do keep writing those "good" tickets. Just refuse any "encouragement" to meet your "non-quota."

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