Saturday, December 27, 2008

Power Line Down!

About 8:40AM a power line broke in Woodstock and fell to the ground just off Dean Street at Ridgeland Avenue. If you have never seen a hot fire, this one was one to see.

The line fell into wet snow during a light rain. You could hear the crackle and see the brilliant glow of a concentrated fire. Woodstock Police and Woodstock Fire Rescue responded, and they blocked traffic on Dean St. and Ridgeland Ave.

Weather was warm at 50 degrees F., so ice wasn't the problem. Fortunately, the line did not hit anyone or anything.


Kyle S. said...

This line fell a few months ago too. Any reason why the line has a habit of breaking or falling lately ??

This looks like a job for Shelock Gus !!

Cal Skinner said...

Wonderful photo!