Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diva's Attic - Do Drop In

At a recent City Council meeting I met owners of the new Diva's Attic, located at 216 Main St. - on the Square in the former Ray Wolfe Jewelers space. This new store opened on the night of the Square lighting.

Be sure to drop in and take a good look around. Lots of clever merchandise and great buys. They offer new merchandise, consignment items and re-sale items.
A Lucille Ball purse (no, I wasn't shopping for a purse) reminded me of a classic Lucille Ball movie, The Long, Long Trailer. I was reminded of a scene where Desi, towing a l-o-n-g house trailer, asks Lucy which way to turn. She looks at the map and says, "Turn right." And he does, right down a narrow, tree-lined drive with no place to turn around. She explained by saying, "I meant, 'Turn right here - left'." How come certain movies stick with me for 50 years???

Diva's Attic is located across Main Street from the movie theater. Be sure to stop in soon. For store information and hours, call Ginny, Stephanie or Mary at (815) 338-DIVA

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