Thursday, December 18, 2008

Musta Missed It - Filing Deadline

This week's The Woodstock Independent carries a short "For your information" piece about the 2009 local elections. Mark Indyke will challenge Brian Sager for the Mayor's spot, and Mike Turner, Dick Ahrens and RB Thompson will not have opposition. For this reason there will be no primary.

Last Monday at 5:00PM was the closing date/time for nominating petitions. Will that get the prize for one of the best kept secrets in 2008 around Woodstock?

Where were the drums to round up challengers and contest the seats? Hello? Is anyone home? The lights are on. I think they're still on.

Let this be the last year that incumbents run for office without challenge. Every major position in the City, County or State should have more than one candidate.

The December 15 deadline should not prevent write-in challengers. Does anyone know the rules, if any, to qualify for write-in candidates? Or if you, as a write-in candidate, get more votes than either Indyke or Sager, will you be Woodstock's next Mayor?

Of course, after last Tuesday's marathon until 1:00 A.M., who'd want to be mayor or a member of the City Council?

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