Thursday, December 4, 2008

Freedom of Speech - Call this lawyer

Can an employer order an employee not to have contact with another person away from the place of employment?

Let's say that you are acquainted with, even friends with, a person who used to work at your place of employment. Can your employer forbid you to talk with or spend time with that person?

We all know the answer to that one. Now, what should the penalties be for such an employer?

Oftentimes, those still in the employ of the organization are sympathetic toward that former employee, who quite likely is going to return to the workplace. They agree with some or all of the viewpoints held by that employee and would speak up themselves, except for the fact that they too might be disciplined and even terminated for speaking up.

If you have information that would help such a former employee, one choice might be to contact his lawyer. Call Blake Horwitz. Blake can be reached at (312) 676-2100. Check out his firm's website at Blake is an attorney who represents police officers who need strong counsel. If you have information that you think he might like to hear, call him. You can count on the attorney-client privilege that keeps your contact confidential and safe.

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