Friday, December 19, 2008

Property Taxes - a Must Read

Be sure to read Cal Skinner's McHenry County Blog about the recent meeting of McHenry County Assessors. Find it at and scroll down. You'll enjoy reading the other articles on the way to the bit about the assessors.

What planet is Supervisor of Assessments Donna Mayberry from? For example, consider this comment - taken totally out of context, of course. But why not?

"Just because the market took a dive doesn't mean people are overassessed.”

True. How about because home sales are in the toilet, new construction has stalled, banks aren't lending, foreclosures are continuing at high rates, unemployment is increasing? Now are people overassessed?

The assessors can hide behind "It's not our fault; it's the state law", while they are on the way to the piggy bank to collect $3,000 for job "performance." Phoo-ey. Where are the shoes?

But watch out for tax rates! If your asssessed valuation can't go up, the governments might try to increase tax rates to extract the gold from your fillings.

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