Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sgt. Gorski's Case - Delayed Once More

At 9:00AM Judge McIntyre was to issue her written opinion in the case of Woodstock Police Chief Robert Lowen against the City's own 3-man Board of Fire and Police Commissioners. Yesterday I learned that the decision will not be rendered today; the case has been continued.

I call this the "Gorski Case" - not because Chief Lowen's case is against Sgt. Gorski, a 19-year veteran of the Woodstock Police Department who suffered two on-the-job disabling back injuries, but because he is the one being harmed by this case and the continual delays. His pay stopped a year ago. Although the BOFPC directed the Chief and the City to pay him all his back pay on February 14, 2009 (the Findings and Decision are public record, although not published anywhere by the City), the City has not done so. Can't they find the checkbook?

Now, there could be many reasons for the delay. Perhaps Gorski told his attorneys to delay it because he didn't want any taxable income this year.

Maybe he told his attorneys to delay it because he didn't want to spoil his childrens' holiday celebration. He may have already told them there won't be any gifts and, if the City pays him now, his kids will say he lied to them.

Maybe he'd have to settle up with any creditors who have been waiting patiently for the City to pay him the money so ordered ten (that's TEN) months ago.

Maybe his attorney took pity on the financial plight of the City of Woodstock, which might be running short on paper to print his check and asked the judge to hold off on the decision to give the City time to restock its paper supply.

Psst. He'll take cash and he'll even pick it up to save the City the $.42 to mail it to him.

Did the Grinch visit the McHenry County Courthouse?

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Gus said...

The Grinch did indeed slip into McHenry County. The new court date is January 14, 2009.

Doesn't it make you wonder why a case gets continued for 30 days? What's the magic about 30 days? The decision was to be made by today, Dec. 18. Why is 30 days more needed?