Friday, December 19, 2008

Entertainment & Sports Complex

What's really planned for the land north of the Centegra Memorial Medical Center (now to be known as "Centegra Woodstock")? Take a look at this! (Click on the image to enlarge it; then click on Back on your browser)

First class, eh? As it should be.

What's interesting is that, in the rush to pass this project through the Plan Commission and the City Council, did anyone ask about lighting? Will we have an Arlington Racetrack lighting situation? Probably. For your safety; right? Will it be low-level lighting? Will it be bright all the time or only as needed? And by sections, as needed, rather than the entire area?

And what about the impact on police services? Is one of the conditions a kick-in for increased police needs (traffic, security, emergency response)? Woodstock PD's Beat 24 will be much busier!

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