Friday, December 26, 2008

D.C. Cobbs - Unfair Condition

Minutes of the November 18, 2008 Woodstock City Council meeting reflect that D.C. Cobbs ownership will change and that the format of the business will be changing.

Prospective owner Dan Hart had appeared before the Woodstock Liquor Commission to request an A-2 Liquor License and he will be remodeling the interior of the building and changing the format to a full-service restaurant.

According to the Minutes of the City Council meeting, Mayor Sager stated that the exit to Benton Street must become an emergency (only) exit by May 1, 2009. This condition was created by the Liquor Commission.

Dan Hart expressed his opinion that the change in the Benton Street exit would have an "extreme" effect on his business. He claimed that his customers would like to leave the premises via the Benton Street exit for smoking (thus avoiding Main Street) and also for more convenient parking, especially in view of the proposed movie theater expansion.

From the City Council Minutes, "Mayor Sager said because those concerns were not raised at the Liquor Commission, they were not able to discuss that."

Baloney! The City Council can discuss anything that it wants! And it does - all the time. The Council absolutely could have modified the Liquor Commission's "recommendations", just as it does with recommendations from the Plan Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission.

Councilmen Webster and Ahrens seemed sympathetic to Dan Hart's plight.

There is no reason to restrict the Benton Street exit of D.C. Cobbs. Take a look at Benton Street and then at Main Street. Why not let the smokers congregation outside its exit on Benton Street? Why not let customers who park on Benton Street enter through that existing door? Their vehicles on Benton Street mean less traffic on Main Street!

Why do Council members defer so quickly to the Mayor's rule? What they need to do is stand up and refuse unreasonable conditions imposed on a business owner who must beg for the privilege of doing business in Woodstock.

And much more citizen involvement is needed in Woodstock! Every two weeks the City Council chambers should be packed with residents, as they were last week when the stadium was pitched. City Council members should be lobbied by the public, and they should be supported in taking firm and proper stands for fairness.

The City Council should act now to reverse the Liquor Commission's condition of an emergency exit (only) onto Benton Street, because of expense the owner will incur to alter the door for Emergency Use. Do not wait for liquor license renewal in May.

By the way, it's way past time for the 7-0 votes to end. When three members object to an unfair condition on a business owner, they need to say so by asking for an amendment to remove the unfair condition. Then, if further study warrants imposing the condition, do so. In this case, it doesn't.


Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

The more time advances the more things stay the same. About 30 years ago my partners and I wanted to put up an enclosed ramp on to the back of the medical building on Hilltop across from the school. We went back and forth with the, I believe it was called then, the site improvement committee of the city for months. They wanted this and that and things like architectual renditions etc., etc., etc. Thousands of dollars of nonsence items to put an enclosed ramp for patient safety on the back of a building were it would not even be seen. Finally we had to hire an attorney, Dave Stone and a court stenographer to come to the next meeting. Well they saw Dave and the court stenographer there and asked what it was all about. Dave explained that we wanted to see the law that said we had to do all the things that the committee members wanted us to do simply because they wanted us TO DO IT. Well there was no law that required all this nonsense and the mater got settled in two or three minutes after several months of playing games with people whow seem to be so impressed with their "power" that they think they can do as they please. So much for a little slice of Woodstock history...things have not changed a whole lot...probably never will.

find the owners manual you fool said...

Maybe they couldn't find it. I cannot find "Hilltop" in Woodstock either.

Kyle S. said...

Your office was on Hill Street Doc... You lived on Hilltop Ct. Remember.

Retirement ...

find the owners manual you fool said...

Hill St. is residential. So is North Hill St. No businesses on Hill St. Maybe he needs that lawyer to find it again.

Kyle S. said...