Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deputy Schlenkert v. Merit Commission

It took all day but I finally learned from the McHenry County courthouse that Judge McIntyre did rule in the case of Deputy Bob Schlenkert against the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission. Unfortunately, I learned this too late in the day to get to the courthouse before it closes at 4:30PM.

The decision seems to be in our local Bermuda Triangle. Court Administration told me it was mailed out; a very friendly and accommodating clerk told me they don't have it/can't find it. She is going to look for it, having already checked Imaging for it.

Gotta wonder where things go. It's not that far down the hall, but maybe it's on some mail delivery person's cart and he already took off for Christmas vacation. Hopefully, it didn't get mailed to the office down the hall.

In cases like this, somebody wins, somebody loses. Will the loser be a "good loser"? Only time will tell.

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