Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blago Out on P.R. Bond

Hello? Did you hear that the judge cut Blago loose on a P.R. bond? Can you believe that?
I mean, some guy in McHenry County gets a ticket for a taillight out and has to cough up cash or a bond card, and the judge lets Blago loose on his good looks and his promise to appear?

Did the judge read the charges?

What's my favorite song? Hum along now. "You can get anything you want in Alice's Restaurant." Will this be a case of American Blind Justice?

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Gus said...

The website for Galesburg, Ill. radio station WGIL reported that Blago "... was released on a signature bond that specifies that he'll forfeit $4,500 if he doesn't appear in court. Blagojevich also was ordered to relinquish his passport and his firearm owner's identification card."
Here's an idea. Give him back his passport and a one-way ticket to someplace far away.
Keep the FOID card.