Sunday, December 28, 2008

Error in Illinois Cares Rx Letter

If you know any computer-literate senior citizens who qualify, or might qualify, for the Illinois Cares Rx Program, let them know of an error in the recent letter from the Great State of Illinois that provides information about the prescription coverage for 2009.

The correct website for online application (or re-application) is (not as stated in the letter).

A good habit for any business is to test website URLs and phone numbers in letters before mailing out thousands of copies. And to have at least one other person read the material to be mailed.

This letter (undated - big mistake by the State) and unsigned (bigger mistake) will certainly make work for lawyers and Senior Services and Faith-in-Action and any other agency that helps seniors figure out whether something is good for them or not. Buried in the letter are benefits, but figuring out how to get them (what to do first, second, etc.) is going to require a lot of brain power.

So, tell the seniors to get started early on their taxes and not to forget to attend to their State benefits.

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