Friday, December 12, 2008

May 11, 2009 - Gauger Trial Starts

The Daily Herald ( reports today that Gary Gauger's trial (he is the plaintiff!!!) will commence on May 11, 2009. Mark this date on your calendars.

I've never met Gary, but I became acquainted with his case shortly after moving to Woodstock from Virginia in 1996. I was particularly interested in it, because the people I met, who were close to Gary, were absolutely convinced that he was innocent. Yet there he was in prison, convicted and sentenced to die.

Gary's case hinges on a coerced confession, according to the article. He re-filed his case in McHenry County Circuit Court five years ago (FIVE years ago?) against three former Sheriff's Department detectives, Beverly Hendle, Gene Lowery and Christopher Pandre.

Gene Lowery is Undersheriff today.

I urge you to read Gary's book. Search on this site for "Gauger" to find the title. You can purchase it at Read Between the Lynes in Woodstock, where Gary recently held an author's signing event.

If you think this is how crimes ought to be solved, you'll probably be happier in Iran or Afghanistan or Russia. This type of crime-solving is not wanted in McHenry County!

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