Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad Driver of the Day - a Tie

After a stop at my friendly Oberweis store on Randall Road, I was driving home, already licking my lips and anticipating some Rocky Road ice cream, when this driver (right photo) in a grey Dodge Charger (Illinois license X14 6901), in more of a hurry than I was, changed lanes without looking to his right. He was too busy yacking on his cell phone, handheld to his right ear with his right hand, and didn't look. Even after I honked the horn at him, he continued into my lane. Fortunately, no one was on the shoulder to my right and I could move over.
Grey and red might make a nice color combination, but not on the left side of my bug.

Then he accelerated, cut back into the left lane, passed a car, back into the right lane, back into the left lane and back again into the right lane and stopped at the red light at Algonquin Road. The cars between us turned off and I could stop right behind him. Sure wish I would have seen a friendly face in an Algonquin P.D. patrol car.
And then in the next block this next driver (left photo), in a grey Honda Accord (Illinois license 102 6176), almost rear-ended me in moving traffic, cut sharply into the left lane and then almost rear-ended the car in front of him, which was moving at about 25MPH in heavy traffic.

Maybe these two nuts were trying to get home before it snows...

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Unknown said...

Nice flash from your camera, you really know how to draw attention to yourself. Now i know how to spot you out of a crowd of bugs, i just have to look for a camera flash going off every second. Move on with your life already and stop wasting time with your petty arguments.