Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mining Plan Gets Green Light - 6-1

As one man put it, "Why rush to judgement?" Because it works.

In spite of an incomplete application to the Woodstock Plan Commission for a special use permit and in spite of solidly-based requests for delay in decision, late Tuesday night the Woodstock City Council voted 6-0 and gave a green light to the Merryman group for a special use permit to mine the east end of a tract roughly across the road from Memorial Medical Center and toward Lily Pond Road.

Many who spoke urged the City Council not to rush into its decision, and they gave good reasons for delaying. One important environmental report was not received by the City until yesterday. When one speaker asked for the report to be summarized by a staff member, the mayor refused to allow it. It may have been one of the reports which should have been submitted to the Plan Commission before a decision was made there. Points of law were raised and ... well, more about this another time.

More later today...

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