Saturday, December 13, 2008

Frucall - a new pricing service

When you head out to shop for a certain item, do you ever wonder if you are getting a good price? or the lowest price?

A new online service, also available from your cell phone or PDA, is Frucall. For complete information, go to

When you are in a store and looking at an item that is screaming your name and "Buy me. Buy me", just check the price by dialing 888-DO-FRUCALL and entering the UPC. You'll need to sign up (free) for the service first, and then be ready to shop. Frucall will check prices from online services for you.

There are excellent reasons to buy from the retailer in whose store you are standing. You may get great customer service. You can ask questions and get your answers on the spot. You can take the item home with you right then.

We do not want a town with a bunch of kiosks with computer ordering stations and no retail stores, so be sure to support your local merchants. If there is a wide disparity in pricing between the item's price and pricing via the Frucall service, you might ask the retailer for a discount for immediate purchase.

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