Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fire on Clay St.

Between 5:00-6:00PM there was a fire in the 1000 block of Clay Street, Woodstock. The "pink house", on the east side of the street, suffered a fire that Woodstock Fire Rescue District must have gotten under control quickly.

When I passed that block at about 5:00PM there was no activity; yet shortly after 6:00PM there were numerous fire trucks, paramedic and police vehicles. The windows on the second floor were broken out to the frames, and a neighbor reported that holes had been punched in the roof.

I was reminded of the importance for every family of having a fire plan - a plan for exactly what to do in the event of a fire (or any other home emergency). The plan should be known to all family members, and there should be occasional drills.

Escape ladders are promoted in magazines and store ads, but does anyone ever practice with them? For example, how to get the windows open (or to break them out), how to attach the ladder and, most importantly, how to squeeze through the window and go down the ladder. Whoever practices that?
Rule No. 1 needs to be that all the people get out and get out fast. Once out, stay out. Nobody goes back in for a pet, for family heirlooms, photographs, the wedding dress. Stay out!
Stay together, so that everyone is accounted for when the emergency response teams begin arriving.
I remember a night when there was a major fire in the townhouse behind mine in Denver. We could not find the homeowner, and the firemen went in twice to try to find him. It turned out that he was in a house two doors down, having a strong drink to calm down. The cause? Careless smoking.
Tell the firefighters about any pets left in the house. If they can safely get them out, they will.

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Unknown said...

Wow, the first time you havent bashed Woodstock Fire Rescue. Congrats.