Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Business as Usual" - I Hope Not

The Associated Press reports today, "Ensconced in his downtown office, Blagojevich gave no sign he was contemplating resigning, and dispatched his spokeswoman, Kelley Quinn, to say it was 'business as usual' in his 16th-floor suite, situated a few blocks from Obama's transition headquarters."

After Tuesday's headlines, we should all be afraid that it might just be "business as usual." Can't wait to hear those wire-tapped phone conversations. And not only Blago's, but Mrs. Blago's.

Remember when Blago thumbed his nose at the Feds a few years ago and promoted the (illegal) importation of prescription drugs from Canada? Of course, he wasn't the only one to do that. McHenry County's own Rep. Jack Franks promoted it quite prominently on his website What finally got Jack to take it off his website? Certainly not a constituent's complaint to him that there was a nasty and inconvenient Federal law that prohibited the importation of prescription drugs. Once the Legislative Inspector General got involved, suddenly Jack's position that it was a State's Rights issue wasn't so important.

See a different blog for a comment on Jack's December 9th fundraiser.

Politicians and other elected officials (or are they all politicians) sometimes think they are above the law. It certainly appears that Gov. Rod believes that.

But perhaps it's just that everyone is jealous of his title and his being First Rod in the Statehouse. Wait! That can't be. He's hardly ever at the Statehouse. And, when it is, the taxpayers just got stiffed for his daily commute in the State plane. What's that cost again? $6,000? And that won't even include his security detail.

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