Friday, December 19, 2008

Seeing is Believing - NOT

When this view of the excavation site for the multi-purpose event venue was shown, I was reminded of a deforestation project out West that the environmentalists were having trouble stopping.

The forestry company, which was clear-cutting wide areas, claimed their clear-cutting wasn't a problem and that it couldn't be seen from the road; so what's the problem, anyway?

The environmentalists were having trouble persuading legislators of the destruction of the land and trees. What did they do?

They hired a plane and pilot and loaded up the legislators for a flight over the area of de-forestation. As the plane approached the area of clear-cutting, it flew low over the tree-tops of a heavily forested area.

And suddenly they arrived at the edge of the clear-cutting and the standing trees disappeared! For miles there were no trees!

Did the legislators get the message? You bet.

In the above image from Tuesday night's City Council meeting, the view shows the sight-line of a 6' person standing near a 10' berm just off Lily Pond Road. Notice that he cannot see what is going on beyond the berm; i.e., during the 'excavation" of the gravel on the Merryman property to be mined. The City Council was assured several times that this would not be a gravel "pit." Excavation is not to be done within two feet of the water table.

Now, of course, I wondered about heavy equipment operating on a surface only two feet over a water table. With the vibration of excavation equipment, how likely is it that equipment will punch through that last two feet? "Accidentally," of course.

And then what?

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